Winsome Sears demands apology from college generous who known as US victory in WWII ‘disagreeable’


That a Virginia school board already Under Fire for withholding prestigious academic awards from students is now facing another controversy after a board member claimed that a recent meeting that a decisive victory for the United States in World War II was quote unfortunate and evil let's bring in Virginia's lieutenant governor Winsome.

Sears she's with us this afternoon so this board member is abrar omish she was commenting on the battle for Iwo Jima in which 7 000 U.S Marines died to take the island back from the Japanese here's what she said at that school board meeting listen here for us to certainly reflect on as we learn our history and and think about it.

Uh the days when you know Iwo Jima unfortunately happened and set a record for really what uh I hate to say human evil is capable of and so that's something just to remember the Battle of ibajima was a turning point in World War II that saved tens of thousands of U.S service members lives by getting it back from the Japanese.

What do you say lieutenant governor about what she said my heart is heavy because we need leaders who bring people together they don't divide we need leaders who let the wounds the scabs of the past heal so we're not at each other's throats what she has said is nothing but Division and it's dangerous.

And words mean something words matter and a leader ought to know that she's a political leader make no mistake about it because she was elected to the school board and yes she is young but she should know better yeah she said the battle the battle for it the battle for Iwo Jima was the bloodiest battle that Marines had ever faced one-third of all.

Marines who died in World War II died in that Pacific Theater in that battle and we had women who died and and served we had navig code talkers who who the Japanese were after because they couldn't break the code we had Latinos and and black Marine who served and we had other military branches she owes the families of these men and women who.

Served an apology I would tell her get thee there very quickly to a microphone and apologize there was a lot of Heroes obviously in the battle for Iwo Jima one of them was Woody Williams who was a Medal of Honor recipient for gallantry and intrepidity you recently received the Woody Williams Spirit award from the Iwo Jima Association she she abrahamish.

Made these comments in conjunction with the day of remembrance the Japanese Americans observe to remember what happened to many of them during World War II when they were in turn in prison camps the U.S Congress said that was a mistake it gave reparations to everyone who was interned in those camps we teach that in school here in America but to.

Teach or to think think that an educator would call the battle for Iwo Jima evil seems to be a horse of a completely different color and this is why we we don't have time to waste on ID logs and ideologies we need our children to learn actual history we need them to learn about the Japanese internment camps for sure we need to.

Learn about all the bad things that has happened America is not a perfect country by any stretch of the imagination but you know she's the best we have and you know that because people are dying literally dying to come here even now and and we've got to have leaders who say not anymore we are going to talk about the sins of the past but.

We're not going to put them on our children who never experienced them we want our children to have a country where we're living together in peace and in Harmony and she also used the Holocaust as a correlation of what happened uh that that's what the Marines were engaging in it is not the Holocaust was about Hitler and his cronies and at.

All the annihilation of the Jews what the what the Marines were trying to to do was to liberate to bring peace how dare she do that lieutenant governor Winsome Sears it's always good to get your thoughts of the big issues of the day thank you for being with us appreciate it thank you sir.

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  1. The colleges in Virginia are contaminated with these enemies of The USA. No longer finest there nonetheless at some level of the nation. The governor desires to elegant them out. FUMIGATE the roaches that cowl at dumb night or they contaminate all the pieces til they waste it, & that's their intent!

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