White Home calls kidnapping of US residents in Mexico ‘unacceptable’ | USA TODAY


I have a statement here that Iwant to read out to all of you. We are closely following the assaultand kidnapping of four US citizens, uh, in Monte Morosa, Mexico. Uh, thesesorts of attacks are unacceptable. Our thoughts are with thefamilies of these individuals, and we stand ready to provide allappropriate consular assistance. US law enforcement is in touchwith Mexican law enforcement. The departments of state and homelandsecurity are also coordinating with Mexican authorities, and wewill continue to coordinate, uh, with Mexico and push them uh, to bringthose responsible to justice. And again,.

Our hearts with are with the families.

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3 thoughts on “White Home calls kidnapping of US residents in Mexico ‘unacceptable’ | USA TODAY

  1. It’s unhappy when American died in Mexico and when a lot of Mexican died in USA, as human we unhappy. But also is so depraved they exhaust this truth to attack the manager of Mexico who fight the crime. Some of us exhaust this to faux to agree with an intervention in a international nation. Where is the investigation on this facet to fetch cartel treatment. Who dispensed the treatment, how the laundry the money. Why is the trigger on the US to employ a lot of equipment…the exhaust this to press Biden wit the complicity of the clicking.

  2. I of direction judge that USA,. . Would possibly per chance well well per chance agree with to calm journey forward and get over Mexico. By power! Our militia, our nation The US desires to get over Mexico, earn rid of their president and their executive and make it fraction of The US. That manner we will magnify down into Mexico and earn rid of the inferior empire cartels organized crime, atomize all of them and make it fraction of the US of The US.! That will resolve a lot of issues! I wish we would and not using a doubt enact it. It can well be entirely amazing!

  3. Our border has become a battle zone. Undeniable and straightforward it’s as a result of of the cartels. What a unfriendly response from the White Home, ignoring the treatment & murders. Unhappy that the administration didn’t attach extra warnings out about touring to Mexico.

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