White Condominium announces militia shot down excessive altitude object over Alaska


Another aircraft of some sort Airship balloon something was shot down today who owns it what were the circumstances was the president directly involved in ordering this uh and is wreckage being recovered so I'm going to try remind me if I forget something yes the president absolutely was involved in this decision.

He ordered it at their recommendation of Pentagon leaders uh he wanted it taken down and they did that they did it using fighter aircraft to sign the US Northern command the Pentagon will have more to say about the details of this uh later on this afternoon it's only just within the last hour uh we're calling this an object because.

That's the best description we have right now we do not know who owns it uh whether it's a whether it's state owned or or corporate owned or privately owned we just don't know uh we don't we don't know so I said stay don't we don't know if it's state-owned um and we don't uh understand the full purpose we don't have any we don't have.

Any information that would confirm a stated purpose for this object we do expect to be able to recover uh the debris since it fell not only within our territorial space but on what we and what we I believe is is Frozen uh water so a recovery effort will be made um and uh we're hopeful that it'll be.

Successful and then we can learn a little bit more about it so parents like the Chinese aircraft no it was it was much much smaller than uh the Spy balloon that we took down last Saturday um the way it was described to me was roughly the size of a small car as opposed to a payload that was like two or three.

Buses size right so much much smaller um uh and um and there and not of the same not not um no um no significant payload if you will lastly is is it now the policy of the United States that if unidentified aircraft are over U.S territory that it is likely the president will choose to shoot it down the president will always.

Act in the best interest of our national security and in the Safety and Security of the American people

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