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The U.S. military shot down four objectsthat have been floating over North America, and that's raised concern aboutwhether they are surveillance or spy balloons. February 1st, the Pentagon let us know thatthere was a large balloon floating over North America, and then we were told that it was likelya surveillance balloon from China. The Pentagon shows to shoot it down overthe ocean so that the debris from this.

Payload wouldn't hurt anybody onthe ground. In the following week, the Pentagon shot down three separate,they won't say they were balloons, but they were, they were objectsthat were floating in the air. One was over Alaska, another overCanada, and then one over Lake Huron. There are a couple competing sortof theories right now. When I, I spoke to Adam Smith, who's the ranking member of theHouse Armed Services Committee, a Democrat from Washington. And he said that they're almost certainlyChinese balloons or some sort of.

Surveillance object. TheWhite House in a briefing, they suggested that the leading theoryis that these are just sort of wayward research balloons that could have beenput up by a university or some other commercial outfit.We're told that it's not that alarming. These, you know, that bigcountries, even if it is China, with all of these balloons,big country spy on one another. And whatever collection of intelligencethey're doing with these is fairly limited and we're able to mitigate thatso people shouldn't be too alarmed by it. That may be the biggest issue.

There's been a lot of mistrust over, building up over the decades and it'ssort of hit a low spot right now. When the balloon was discovered,the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken had been preparingto go to Beijing to meet with his counterparts there and cancelthe trip because of the balloon. We've learned that the Pentagon hasreached out to defense officials in China and they've refused to take the call. And the concern there is thatthere may be some miscalculation and on either side,.

And because we're not communicatingwith not with one another, it could escalate intosomething more dangerous.

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