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The Biden administration has announcedthat they're going to wind down the emergency measures that were put inplace at the start of the pandemic. And that will restructure how the federalgovernment is going to respond to the pandemic, which is aboutto enter its fourth year. We still are seeing alot of deaths from COVID. It's still up there amongthe leading causes of death, but the real emergency aspectof the pandemic has passed. And there's a lot of pressure fromRepublicans to end these special measures. And in fact,.

The house is going to be voting onresolutions to end that immediately. And so the White House tried topreempt those votes by announcing the emergencies will end on May 11th, and they said that if you havean abrupt end that would create “wide-ranging chaos and uncertaintythroughout the healthcare system.” One of the biggest things that it did was itgave states extra money for Medicaid. And the federal government gave thestates more money for that in exchange for states not kicking people offMedicaid during the emergency. So that is going to end. Starting in May,.

The states will start eliminating peoplefrom the roles who no longer qualify for Medicaid. Hospitals and nursing homes were givenextra flexibilities that had to do with staffing and billing procedures. And that will end whenthe emergencies end, and they'll need sometime to adjust to that. The cost of vaccines is expected to go up. How an individual person willbe affected by costs will vary. Those who will be inthe most trouble are peoplewho don't have insurance.

They may not have any way to get thevaccines or the tests or the treatment. For people who have private insurance, that may depend on howgood your insurance is.

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