VIDEO: Norfolk Southern practice derails in Springfield


We start tonight with breaking news we first brought to you at six A Train derailed in Springfield this evening it happened on the Norfolk Southern tracks between bird of Road and State Route 41 also known as South Charleston Pike Tunes reporter Kaja Hawkins has been at the scene all evening she joins us live now with more so kataja what do we know.

About this derailment Riley I'm actually on State Route 41 and as you can see cars are not allowed past those barriers behind me we're still waiting for a press conference for more information about this incident but what we do know is about 20 cars derailed off of a 212 train which was traveling south through Springfield according to Norfolk.

Southern no one was hurt and no hazardous materials were involved I've seen several emergency crews here to help with the cleanup including Springfield police and fire departments alerts have been sent out to people living nearby to stay inside as a precaution and some people are also experiencing power outages we are.

Waiting to see how long those precautions will be enforced again we are still waiting for that press conference to be held with full details about this incident but we will keep you up to date both on air and online reporting live in Clark County kadesha Hawkins 2 News I think you could change in about 30.

Minutes ago Governor Mike dewine posted a statement on Twitter about the Springfield derailment his tweet says late this afternoon a Norfolk Southern Train derailed in Clark County we don't Belize believe hazardous materials were involved the Ohio EPA Ohio Emergency Management agency and Ohio State Highway Patrol are on scene supporting First.

Responders President Biden and secretary Buddha judge called me to offer help from the federal government ascaja mentioned there is also a power outage near the site of the derailment according to First Energy which supplies power to most of Clark County the outage is affecting 688 customers a First Energy spokesman tells us the outage is.

Related to the train derailment but he did not have any more information at this time Clark County's Facebook page says the outages are due to downed power lines in the area and today's derailment is the third derailment involving a Norfolk Southern Train in the last month the first derailment in East Palestine happened four weeks ago yesterday on the.

Night of February 3rd that of course led to the evacuation of the entire Village and lingering concerns about contamination that we've been reporting on for the last month a second derailment happened less than two weeks later on February 16th just west of Detroit no one was heard and none of the cars carrying hazardous materials went.

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