Video appears to be like to illustrate Ohio put together on fire 20 miles earlier than derailing


Stunning new video is Raising questions about the condition of rail cars involved in the fiery trained derailment that happened last week in Ohio you may recall residents were forced to temporarily leave their homes after the Train derailed in East Palestine I know they say Palestine is where they say it there earlier this month uh releasing.

Hazardous chemicals and the video on your screen now shows uh that the train appeared to be on fire this is interesting 20 miles before it reached the site where it actually went off the tracks derailed now the footage on your screen is captured by a security camera at an equipment plant in Salem Ohio let's bring in Erica Moke she's a.

Reporter for our Pittsburgh affiliate KDK TV Erica what can you tell us about what this video is all about what it shows and what new questions does it raise yeah so the video that you're seeing is from buttec Bliss and as you mentioned it's an industrial equipment facility um you're seeing those Sparks on a.

Portion of the train and as you mentioned where this facility where this video was shot is about 20 miles from East Palestine where that derailment happened right so the camera when the train is passing that camera when the footage was captured this was around 8 12 that evening the derailment happened as I mentioned 20 miles later at around.

8 55. so this brings up the question of okay when was the crew on board made aware that there was an issue so this brings up the issue of the detectors which are alongside the tracks and these detectors are in place so that the crew on board knows if there is something that is malfunctioning if there is something that they need to be aware of.

Because if they're aware of that it's to help them avoid situations exactly like the one that we are talking about here now I spoke to a retired Norfolk Southern Railroad engineer and he was saying that these detectors are placed about every 20 miles so we're right in that zone where we're questioning okay where was.

The detector when was the crew alerted to an issue we do know that the crew did get an alert so any time there is an issue on the tracks that crew is alerted those detectors alert the crew on board and when there is an alert they do need to stop the train in some cases immediately now what this retired Norfolk Southern engineer was saying is.

That basically they were looking at in this video what could be considered a Hot Wheel these detectors can detect if there is some sort of difference in temperature right so he believes that if the detector was in the area where we're seeing that Hot Wheel the crew should have been notified right away the question is if it was hot enough at the.

Time when it went over the detector to notify them in time or if they had already gone over that detector in say Salem the Salem area before that wheel started to spark and get hot like I said we do know that there was an alert that was passed on to the crew but again it comes down to the question of where that detector was how quickly.

They were able to get that message and then ultimately stop that train so those are the questions that are coming up now and definitely something that the NTSB is looking into they've talked with the crew members on board to see what alerts they got when they got them and they'll also be reviewing inward facing cameras on that train and audio recorders to.

Determine if their actions match up with what exactly they were supposed to be doing on that train when they get those alerts oh Erica mokai thank you so much for that thorough explanation we'll we'll stay tuned

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