USA TODAY – Taylor Swift casts transgender man as her like interest in most up-to-date tune video


Taylor Swift cast transgender man as her love interest in latest music video the lavender Hayes music video has been viewed nearly 10 million times since its Friday Premiere singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released a new music video over the weekend featuring a transgender man as her love interest the lavender Haze video written and directed by Swift.

Dropped Friday and features transgender male model laith Ashley as her love interest in an early scene Swift and Ashley are seen lying in bed together before she reveals a Starry Sky on his bare back the trans model is later seen cuddling with the 11-time grammy-winning star at a party in a post debuting the video Swift said she absolutely adored.

Working with Ashley adding that her intention with the video was to depict a sultry Sleepless 70s fever dream the project which has already gained nearly 10 million views on U2 marked Swift's third music video from her midnights album Ashley also thanked Swift for casting him in the role c alling it an experience I will never forget thank you.

Taylor Swift for allowing me to play a small part in your story he wrote on Instagram you are brilliant and this is an experience I will never forget it was truly magical thank you for being an ally he added representation matters and Lov will always win fans and activists praised Swift for including a transgender man in her video and for her.

Advocacy work on behalf of the lgbtq community culture writer Ashley Spencer said the trans representation in the project is Major the love interest in Taylor Swift's new lavender Haze music video is transmodel and artist laith Ashley Spencer wrote on Twitter at a time when trans rights are increasingly under attack this representation is.

Major Taylor Swift hired a trans man of color laith Ashley to Star alongside her as her love interest in her new music video for lavender Hayes this comes at a time when powerful anti-trans forces worldwide are crusading against the very existence of trans people Mississippi Free Press editor Ashton Pittman wrote buzzfeed's celebrity reporter Stephanie.

Soterio said the move further challenges Swift's reputation as a poster girl for white bigoted Republicans Taylor Swift has made a lot of political missteps in her career but casting a Dominican trans man as her love interest is commendable so tiruyu wrote her country roots used to make her the poster girl for white bigoted Republicans and you can't.

Underestimate the power of representation Swift previously directed the music video for her song you need to calm down down where she calls out critics of the lgbtq community and references the equality act a bill centered around Banning lgbtq discrimination

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