USA TODAY – Right this moment time’s breaking Joe Biden has said he takes labeled files seriously


House oversight zeros and on Biden finances in Wake of classified documents house oversight committee chairman James Comer Republican Kentucky said his committee will Zero a non-biden family finances in the next phase of his investigation into President Joe Biden's classified documents and his son Hunter Biden's business dealings.

Comer aims to expose foreign donations funneled to the University of Pennsylvania which houses the Penn Biden Center for diplomacy and Global engagement or classified documents were found dating from Joe Biden's vice presidency Comer also wants answers on the anonymous donors who paid thousands of.

Dollars for Hunter Biden's artwork for a New York exhibition we're trying to trace the money Comer told the Washington Examiner we'll be looking at bank statements we'll be looking at bank violations that's the next phase of our investigation because we're trying to figure out who these Anonymous sources.

Are that are sending so much money to the Biden family schemes the Biden Center for diplomacy and Hunter Biden's artwork in his first move since taking the gavel Comer sent out six requests regarding classified documents and Hunter Biden to investigations he insists are linked because of the younger Biden's access to.

Sensitive documents also found at his father's Delaware home that raises a red flag Commerce said requests for document production have already gone to the White House the University of Pennsylvania and treasury secretary Janet Yellen among others Culver teases more are on the way Comer said he's absolutely prepared to.

Use subpoenas to force testimony and documents if necessary but he challenged the president to cooperate especially after Joe Biden insisted Thursday the investigation will turn up nothing there's no they're there the president said if there's nothing there then the.

President should be more than willing to cooperate with House Republicans because he could make us look bad Comer said the document's drama has provided a fresh line of inquiry into GOP allegations of Biden family influence peddling and put a focus on the financial backing of the Penn Biden Center especially Chinese donations to.

The university that hosts the think tank what are they trying to Peddle what information does China want Comer said government records show the University of Pennsylvania received tens of millions of dollars in donations from foreign countries including large sums from Anonymous donors.

Joe Biden's Think Tank was created after he left the vice presidency perch as part of a highly paid faculty Arrangement that netted the president nine hundred and eleven thousand dollars Joe Biden has said he takes classified information seriously and is fully cooperating on securing the documents though both he and former president.

Donald Trump are now subjected to a special counsel investigation over the mishandled classified information the White House has sought to downplay the president's case as not as egregious given the number of documents in question and willingness to turn them over after being inadvertently misplaced asked about House GOP investigations.

This week White House spokesman Ian Sams dismissed them as political stunts their faking outrage even though they defended the former president's actions Sam said

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