USA TODAY NEWS 17 JANUARY 2023The first woman usually says the worst three words somebody will ever hear


Jill Biden's skin cancer could fuel efficacy in cancer fight Ivana Trump gives nanny who raised kids one million dollars as Donald gets nothing Kerry Katona gutted after operation is canceled Hunter Biden said he paid nearly 50 000 a month to live at house where.

Classified docks were discovered document shows Joe burrow reacts to terrible Bengals news CNN considering comedians Bill Maher Jon Stewart to fill Primetime void left by Chris Cuomo report I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Jill Biden's skin cancer could fuel advocacy.

In cancer fight Washington AP Jill bideness advocacy for curing cancer didn't start with her son's death in 2015 from brain cancer it began decades earlier long before she came into the national Spotlight and could now be further energized by her own brush with a common form of skin cancer.

The first lady often says the worst three words anyone will ever hear are you have cancer she heard a version of that phrase for herself this past week a lesion that doctors had found above her right eye during a routine screening late last year was removed on Wednesday and confirmed to be basal cell carcinoma.

A highly treatable form of skin cancer while Biden was being prepped to remove the lesion doctors found and removed another one from the left side of her chest also confirmed to be basal cell carcinoma a third lesion from her left eyelid was being examined while it's too early to know when and.

How Biden might address her situation publicly her experience could inject new purpose into what has become part of her life's work highlighting Research into curing cancer and urging people to get regular screenings Ivana Trump gives nanny who raised kids one million dollars as Donald gets nothing.

Ivana Trump Left Behind around 1 million dollars for the nanny who raised her daughter Ivanka Trump and Sons Eric Trump and Donald Jr Trump excluding her ex-husband former president Donald Trump from her will Dorothy Curry who worked for the Trump family for decades received a Florida condo that is estimated to be worth over.

1 million dollars Forbes reported citing probate documents Ivana Left Behind assets worth a total of 34 million dollars Ivana who died in July at the age of 73 wrote about curry in her 2017 book raising Trump and said that she started as a nanny with a sparkle in her eye and plenty of nervous energy.

Curry reportedly taught the Trump kids prayers that Ivana didn't know in English I can't say that religion plays a large role in my life now Ivana wrote in her book according to Forbes but I'm glad the children grew up talking to God the former Nanny's residential address.

Is at a middle class apartment building in Queens according to the probate documents but it is not clear whether or not she still lives there Curry is also expected to receive ivana's dog a Yorkshire named tiger Trump the Trump family seemed to have thought greatly of Curry who later worked as.

Ivana's assistant for years Eric Trump said in his mother's book that he thought of Curry as his second mother and recalled the time they spent together in her native Ireland she's raised me since I was a baby and we are incredibly close inseparable I love her immensely she's a big and very important part of.

Our family he said in the book according to the Federalist Ivana died due to blunt impact injuries of torso sustained during an accidental fall at her Manhattan house according to the New York City office of chief medical examiner who ruled that her death was accidental First Responders found her unresponsive.

At the bottom of a staircase at her house and she was pronounced dead at the scene according to the police according to ABC News related video Donald and Melania Trump reported negative income in four years from 2015 through 2020 New York Post the police were investigating whether or not she might have sustained her fatal.

Injuries after falling down a staircase the Associated Press reported at the time citing two sources familiar with the matter it was unclear whether Trump had heart issues that could have caused the fall or whether the cardiac arrest report was related to her death ivana's funeral was held at Manhattan.

Saint Vincent Pharaoh Church on July 20th where her family and ex-husband mourned her death Trump at the time took to truth social to express his sadness over the death of his ex-wife a very sad day but at the same time a celebration of a wonderful and beautiful life he wrote at the time.

I will be leaving shortly for the funeral service of Ivana she will be laid to rest today this will not be easy meanwhile Ivanka Eric and Donald Jr praised their mother's character and mentioned the positive influence she had on them she had brains she had Beauty.

She was the embodiment of the American dream she was a force of nature could beat any man down the slopes any woman on the runway Eric Trump said during the service according to a mail online report she ruled the three of us kids with an iron fist but also a heart of gold he said.

Kerry Katona gutted after operation is canceled Kerry Katona is gutted after her stomach operation was canceled the 42 year old star who has Molly 21 Lily 19 Heidi 15 Max 14 and eight-year-old DJ from previous relationships had cleared her schedule for a month in order to recover from the.

Corrective surgery on her abdomen but was left crying her eyes out after doctors declared the procedure as well as an eyelid lift couldn't go ahead because she had recently been treated for an illness she wrote in her column for new magazine I Was preparing to have corrective surgery on my stomach as well.

As an eyelid lift but sadly my operation was canceled I have booked the whole of January off around this surgery but as you all know I was really poorly over Christmas the doctor saw in my notes that I'd been on antibiotics and because of that I couldn't go under as they have to be 100 sure I'll be okay.

I was crying my eyes out I'm at home I've canceled all my work for weeks but fair play to them for thinking about my health first I'm grateful for that the former Atomic Kitten singer is now concerned about finding a new date for the operation because of her workload she added I'm gutted though because I.

Prepared myself I'll be going for an x-ray and blood tests soon to make sure I'm okay to go ahead with the procedures the problem is my workload so I'll have to work around that too and figure out a new date Carrie doesn't see any problem with having cosmetic surgery especially now.

She's in her 40s she wrote as soon as I hit 40 my whole body completely changed and I find it so much harder to shift weight I've had my babies and I don't plan on having any more so why not have a few tweaks

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