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Trump rails against disloyalty of Evangelical leaders who haven't yet endorsed his 2024 bid watch Republicans face criticism for ignoring very valid reason for Trump and Biden to be treated differently Trump mocks Biden handling of classified documents before warning I have info on everyone.

Harry was jealous of Willie's sausage Diana's former Butler reveals Ivana Trump's 34 million dollar estate gives insight to how she felt about ex Donald Trump before she died this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Trump rails against disloyalty of Evangelical leaders who haven't yet endorsed his 2024 bid.

Former president Donald Trump on Monday railed against Evangelical Christian leaders who haven't yet pledged support for his 2024 presidential run despite having backed him in the past in an interview with real America's voice reporter David Brody Trump railed against evangelicals such as Robert Jeffress who haven't given him their.

Endorsement even though he made their decades-long dream of overturning Roe v Wade Come True by appointing three right-wing Supreme Court Justices that's a sign of disloyalty Trump said there's great disloyalty in world of politics and that's a sign of disloyalty because nobody as you know has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump.

Three Supreme Court Justices and they all voted to overturn Roe v Wade they won they finally won Trump then seemed to blame evangelicals for appearing to stay home during the 2022 midterm elections as he acknowledged that overturning Roe provided a boost to democratic turnout figures.

Trump has also in recent weeks blamed Hardline evangelicals for pushing too hard on the abortion issue by not making exceptions for cases of rape of incest which he said he believes should be included in all anti-abortion legislation watch Republicans face criticism for ignoring very valid reason for Trump and.

Biden to be treated differently a political analyst suggested Monday on CNN that Republicans were acting hypocritically by vowing to investigate President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents after defending former president Donald Trump secret documents have been found both at an office Biden used after he ended his.

Service as Barack Obama's vice president in 2017 and in the garage of his Delaware home representative James Comer Republican Kentucky the chairman of the house oversight and accountability committee has demanded to see visitor logs for Biden's home Congressman Comer himself never asked.

For the visitor logs from mar-a Lego while he's asked for the visiting logs for President Biden's Delaware home and a lot of Republicans including representative Comer and speaker Kevin McCarthy all rallied behind former president Trump noted Laura Baron Lopez the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour.

She noted that Republicans are planning to investigate the FBI arguing that the agency has been weaponized because of the fact that they conducted that search of mar-a Lego so a lot of the Republicans are even admitting that it is not so much the classified documents they're concerned about they think that there has been.

Some unequal treatment Baron Lopez said but there is a very valid reason from officials from doj officials from the FBI why there was different treatment because of the fact that President Biden's lawyers so far appear to be cooperating and immediately sending back documents and that is not what Trump and his team did.

They withheld for more than a year Biden's team is cooperating with investigators and the Attorney General Merrick Garland quickly appointed a special counsel to head the probe into what happened that's a far cry Biden Defenders say from the behavior of Donald Trump who is being investigated by a different.

Special counsel for his handling of classified documents Trump took several hundred classified files out of the White House to his Florida home compared to what lawyers say were around a dozen improperly stored by Biden Trump actively resisted officials attempts to recover the documents until.

A judge signed off on an FBI search warrant the documents reportedly detail ultra-restricted nuclear secrets Trump mocks Biden handling of classified documents before warning I have info on everyone Donald Trump capitalized on news that President Joe Biden has no visitor logs.

At the Wilmington Delaware property where classified documents were recently discovered by bragging about the security measures at mar-a Lego apphoto slash Manuel Bell senator Trump took to truth social on Monday and accused Biden of keeping classified documents in a flimsy unlocked and unsecured garage.

Three batches of classified materials in Biden's possession have been found some were kept in a garage next to his Corvette the president defended the storage option claiming the garage was locked the White House just announced that there are no logs or information of any kind on visitors to the Wilmington House.

And flimsy unlocked and unsecured but now very famous garage maybe they are smarter than we think this is one of seemingly many places where highly classified documents are stored in a big pile on The Damp floor Trump posted related video President Biden frustrated with Fallout over classified documents.

Investigation the former president then bragged that mar-a Lego is a far more secure site and bragged he had information on anyone coming in and out of the Florida property where he spent the majority of his time since leaving the White House mar-a Lego is a highly secured facility with security cameras all over the place.

And watched over by staff and our great Secret Service I have info on everyone Trump wrote maralego was of course recently raided by the FBI in an effort to retrieve classified documents that Trump is accused of mishandling he's denied any wrongdoing and insisted.

He had the authority to declassify documents while Biden did not Harry was jealous of Willie's sausage Diana's former Butler reveals Prince Harry was made to feel less important than Prince William by being given fewer sausages at breakfast Princess Diana's former Butler has revealed.

Paul Burrell 64 said a young Harry asked how come he gets three at breakfast time after the prince's Nanny served up their meal The Nanny allegedly replied William needs filling up more than you he's going to be king one day Paul said the incident helped form an early rivalry.

He told the sun when I look back now I think maybe I was glimpsing the dynamic at play one time I saw the nanny give William three sausages at breakfast and Harry had two and Harry would look at his plate and say how come he gets three and I only get two.

The butler said Harry would become quiet but had no choice but to suck it up related video Prince Harry Prince William could experience the benefits of therapy this helped form Harry's resentment towards the royal family and the institution culminating in the release of the Duke of sussex's controversial.

Memoir spare according to Paul Harry was constantly compared to his older brother while at Eaton making him want to become the class clown in order to be noticed but the former Butler does believe Harry has gone too far in his attacks on his family saying he has lost the plot he said he's clearly hurt and angry at.

Being Despair and so he's lashing out from that place he's lobbing in all these resentment-filled grenades and hurting a lot of people in the process I know the queen was upset in the months before she died and worried about accusations coming her way across the Atlantic.

Paul added he believed Diana would be appalled over her son's attacks and Furious to find out he had taken drugs now he believes the Duke and Duchess of sussex's Royal titles should be taken away from them their only USP is being Royal so take away their Royal status and nobody will want to know them he said.

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