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Not a place I'd want to be in will Biden's classified documents debacle hamper a 2024 re-election bed Idaho murder suspect Brian coburger's sick social experiment examined by experts mind-blowing migrants exploiting border wall gaps contaminate crops threaten Nations food security Arizona Farmers say.

Brendan Fraser delivers emotional acceptance speech during Critics Choice best actor win for the whale this is breaking news I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington not a place I'd want to be in will Biden's classified documents debacle hamper a 2024 re-election bed I don't think this Scandal alone will prevent President Biden from pursuing a.

Second term one strategist said as President Joe Biden is rumored to send announce a 2024 bid for re-election the developing investigation into several batches of classified documents found in his possession could cause turmoil for a potential campaign this week news broke of three sets of classified documents found at the Penn.

Biden Center and in two separate locations at the president's home in Wilmington Delaware on Saturday White House special counsel Richard Sauber revealed that five additional pages of classified materials were found at Biden's home on Thursday when attorneys with security clearances went to the location.

Though many Democratic and Republican strategists believe the classified documents Scandal will play a major role in Biden's 2024 aspirations some political insiders told Fox News digital that it's still not an ideal situation for a president-seeking re-election particularly as it opens Biden up to GOP attacks.

It's never good when there's a special prosecutor appointed it's definitely not a place I'd want to be in as we try to put the pieces together of a re-election campaign set a democratic strategist and Veteran of presidential campaigns who asked to remain anonymous to speak more freely Kevin Walling a democratic strategist.

Said he does not think the documents will affect Biden's decision to run for re-election I think the president from what I've seen and heard has made up his mind to run and clearly he knew that this was likely to be an issue when the documents were turned over last fall he was down with his family in the Caribbean.

And all indications are that he's running for office and that he plans to run hard and win Walling said so I don't think this is going to actually affect his thinking on 2024 whatsoever on outnumbered Friday Fox News Tommy lahren speculated that the Democratic party might use the situation to.

Separate themselves from Biden and use the opportunity to recruit a new democrat nominee for the 2024 election Brad Woodhouse Democratic strategist told Fox News digital the misplaced classified documents would be an issue in 2024 I don't think President Biden's textbook approach to correctly handling the.

Discovery of misplaced documents will have any impact on his re-election if he decides to run Woodhouse said saying that the controversy does not compare to that of the documents found at Trump's home the difference between the two is apples and rotten oranges Biden said it is his intention to run.

For re-election next cycle but has not yet made an official announcement at this stage I don't think this Scandal alone will prevent President Biden from pursuing a second term but it weakens one of his primary lines of attack against former president Trump if he is the GOP nominee Giancarlo Sopo a Republican strategist told Fox News.

Digital the biggest risk for Democrats is that it could demoralize their voters especially if the doj's investigation escalates President Biden handed the GOP a potent political gift said Republican strategist Colin Reed just ask former president Hillary.

Clinton how questions about the mishandling of classified information can impact the prospects of a campaign it's a non-ideological issue that resonates with voters across the Spectrum Biden's ability to weather the storm will determine not only the prospect of his 2024 chances but also the remainder.

Of his first term Hank shinkov a democratic campaign strategist told Fox News digital that the content of the documents will determine whether a Biden re-election is attainable but he fully expects Republicans to use Biden's classified documents investigation as ammunition it depends on the quantity and depends.

On the content of the documents but what it does do is it increases the laugh track sound at mar-a Lego because it just reduces for many people the anger about Trump and his documents and makes it easier for Biden to be criticized because they're probably laughing their heads off at mar-a Lego and all this.

Does is increase the volume of that laugh shinkup said of the ongoing investigation into documents found at former president Donald Trump's mar-a Lego residence and it makes Republicans feel that they're empowered and that Biden is somehow much more vulnerable and Democrats are much more vulnerable.

Because he leads the Democrat Party in two years from now when people go to the polls what they're going to be focused on is did the president take action on their prescription drug costs did the president take action on climate change did the president take action on inflation.

And the answer to that question is yes he did Joe kiazzo a longtime Democratic strategist who worked on numerous presidential campaigns says this current controversy won't be on the minds of Voters in 2024. Idaho murder suspect Brian coburger's sick social experiment examined by experts mind-blowing.

Alleged killer posted survey questions for criminals on Reddit experts discussed damning evidence posted to social media by the suspect of the Idaho murders on Dr Phil Thursday University of Idaho students Kaylee goncalves 21 Madison Mogan 21 Zana kernadel 20 and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin 20 were stabbed to death in the.

Early hours of November 13th in Moscow Idaho Brian coburger a PhD student in criminology at nearby Washington State University has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and felony burglary for the quadruple homicide Dr Phil encouraged his guests to take a look at a survey written by coburger and.

Posted on Reddit in the survey purportedly for his graduate program coburger asked criminals about how they planned and executed their crimes with some phrasing that made Dr Phil and his guests bulk he asked criminals to recount did you struggle or fight the victim how did you travel and enter the.

Location that the crime occurred the suspect also asked what was the first move you made in order to accomplish your goal trial attorney Mercedes colon suggested the Reddit survey would be used against coburger in court if you match up that survey against that affidavit it's mind-blowing she said.

The very first question he asked in that survey where he's trying to ask about the emotions that people are feeling when they're committing crimes is how did you target your victims well you go back to the affidavit and they go back to the 12 pingings of his phone in and around that crime scene she also noted a second time when he.

Appeared to follow criminals advice the Second Step but what did you do in preparation for the crime well if he's in fact the killer obviously he's only a suspect he turns the phone off she noted we know in the affidavit it says that phone turned off for the duration of the time that he allegedly traveled to the.

Home committed the crimes and then only until he was back on the highway did the phone go back on she observed all these steps that he asked these criminals in the survey he seems to have duplicated in the affidavit according to law enforcement but then asked if he is the killer what are we looking at.

A sick social experiment Dr Phil suggested I think part of it is he's wanting to live vicariously through it and part of it is he's wanting to know what to expect because I don't have normal emotions and I don't want to panic I need to know what to expect what to think that's odd.

He's asking odd questions because when he turned his cell phone off when he turned it back on those are the absence of the cell phone but you still have the videotape of the car is actually proof that he was structuring his behavior in a way as not to get caught he said Colin suggested he just thought he was.

Smarter than everybody else I think that's where it flows from senior reporter for Caitlin Becker focused on the way the survey was phrased the word goal stands out for me too how did you achieve your goal I have goals we all have goals they're positive things they're not crimes for.

The most part she said so the fact that he is talking to criminals about their crimes and describing them as goals definitely struck me as odd and that the person who's writing that question finds crime to be something to Aspire to Dr Phil said that co-burger's Professor had said these are typical questions for.

A criminology student but said in the context and timing in which he does them I don't believe in coincidence former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam said to Dr Phil the absence of evidence is often proof to a degree of guilt because a criminal deliberately covered their tracks to make themselves appear innocent.

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