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Sportsworld reacts to Donald Trump course announcement two words that could mean Donald Trump wins in 2024 classified doc Scandal takes some paint off Biden presidency reporter tells CNN supposed to be grown-ups McCarthy rips Biden document Discovery handling calls out doj's hypocrisy as a.

Weaponization I'm Aaron Burnett in Washington Sports World reacts to Donald Trump course announcement a golf course owned by former United States President Donald Trump is set to host a prominent tournament the golf course owned by Donald Trump will be hosting an event from the.

Legends tour the station seniors Championship on the over 50 circuit will be held at Trump International Golf Links located north of Scotland later this year gets a bad rep because it's Trump but this is a world-class facility and the course is one of the best in the UK another fan added.

Two words that could mean Donald Trump wins in 2024. Ronda Santos what if Donald Trump and the Florida governor joined forces and create a mega GOP ticket for 2024. is that possible with both of their massive egos we looked at it Trump has dominated GOP politics for.

Nearly eight years ever since he rode down his golden escalator and declared his candidacy for the 2016 election which somehow he won but Trump's stock is falling lower than ever before Trump lost the 2020 election by 7 million votes while his end or sees fared poorly in subsequent midterm.

Elections Trump is compounding his electability woes with a plethora of lawsuits investigations and Scandals everything from the January 6th riots to the documents investigation to the Kanye West dinner to the IRS tax audit is dragging Trump down meanwhile Ron DeSantis is surging.

Last November DeSantis destroyed Charlie Crist in the Florida gubernatorial election concretely demonstrating just how viable DeSantis is DeSantis has risen to prominence with a series of brash political stunts slash maneuvers through flouting covet conventions wokism Disney and left-wing open borders.

Immigration policy DeSantis has endeared himself to right-wing constituents in fact DeSantis is leading Trump in recent polls a USA Today Suffolk University poll found that 56 percent of Voters favor DeSantis whereas only 33 percent of Voters favor Trump a shocking 23-point discrepancy.

Accordingly DeSantis is no longer merely just the primary Challenger to the GOP mantle DeSantis has emerged as the racist front-runner in 2008 Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ran a bitterly contested DNC primary against each other Obama a freshman Senator upset Clinton who was already a well-established.

Political institution and the expected winner in Victory Obama was gracious rather than marginalize his former opponent Obama reached out courting Clinton to join the nascent Obama administration Clinton was hesitant at first but ultimately accepted the position as Secretary of State which of course.

Helped her posture to rerun for the White House in 2016. if either Trump or DeSantis wins the GOP Primary could the winner Reach Out similarly to court the loser and consolidate power and talent within one Administration it seems less likely here if DeSantis wins Donald Trump simply.

Isn't going to join the DeSantis Administration Trump is a former president and any executive branch position other than president of the United States isn't going to work Trump is not going to join a DeSantis ticket as vice president nor is Trump going to join a DeSantis cabinet.

Assuming DeSantis even wants such a thing it's just not going to happen the more likely scenario is that Trump wins and reaches out to DeSantis yet for Trump to reach out after the primary was settled would require the notoriously thinskin Trump to get through a bitterly contested primary without getting his feelings hurt.

Without taking desantis's criticisms and political attacks personally can Trump do that I don't think so perhaps if DeSantis ran a squeaky clean race without ad hominem attacks or even without General criticisms of the Trump Administration DeSantis would be welcomed into the fold.

But DeSantis is cut from Trump's cloth if DeSantis runs he's going to run hard no Trump is probably going to hate DeSantis by the time the GOP Primary is settled making it less likely a defeated DeSantis is invited to join a hypothetical Trump Administration classified doc Scandal takes some paint off Biden presidency reporter tells CNN.

Supposed to be grown-ups he added that this was not an example of great competence here political White House reporter Eli stokals said Sunday that the discovery of President Joe Biden's classified documents takes some paint off his presidency because they're supposed to be the grown-ups.

Stokall said those in the White House who were getting ready to work on a 2024 campaign were frustrated because the president often touts competency experience and transparency they might be confident that in the end this won't really go anywhere it'll be fine but it's going to hang over them for a while and I think the damaging.

Thing that people are worried about is to that perception this takes some paint off the Biden presidency and it's because they're supposed to be the ones who know what they're doing they're supposed to be the grown-ups the competent ones and this does not look like an example of great competence here he said.

CNN inside politics host Abby Phillip said Biden was compounded by what he said about the discovery of classified documents at former president Donald Trump's mar-a Lego home the president said Trump was irresponsible during an interview with CBS Scott Pelley in September how that could possibly happen how.

Anyone could be that irresponsible Biden said in response to a question about the documents found at mar-a Lego and I thought what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods by that I mean names of people helped or Etc Philip said that Biden's past comments muddies the waters a lot for him.

Attorney general Merrick Garland announced that he appointed a special counsel to investigate the documents discovered at the Penn Biden Center and at the president's home in Delaware a third batch of documents were discovered at the president's home on Thursday according to Biden's attorneys because I have a security clearance I.

Went to Wilmington Thursday evening to facilitate providing the document the president's personal Council found on Wednesday to the justice department special counsel to the president Richard Sauber said in a statement while I was transferring it to the doj officials who accompanied me five additional pages with classification.

Markings were discovered among the material with it for a total of six pages the doj officials with me immediately took possession of them representative Ellen Omar Democrat Minnesota said Saturday that she was glad a special counsel was appointed to investigate the discovery of the.

President's classified documents yes because anytime there is a deviance in regards to security protocols that should be taken seriously it should be investigated Omar said so you have to understand right Republicans are not really interested in upholding the law and following security protocols.

What they're interested in is playing political games and now only wanting to investigate Biden McCarthy rips Biden document Discovery handling calls out doj's hypocrisy as a weaponization house Speaker talks Biden documents top GOP priorities raising debt ceiling in exclusive Sunday morning's Futures.

Interview in an exclusive interview on Sunday morning's Futures newly elected house Speaker Kevin McCarthy Republican California detailed what Republicans will do about President Joe Biden's classified documents and other top priorities facing the party following his first week in the position.

Reacting first to multiple classified White House documents being found at Biden's personal Delaware residence and private office at the Penn Biden Center McCarthy said the timing of the discovery and Justice Department's special counsel investigation represents why the American public does not trust their government.

Congress has an independent constitutional obligation to oversee all aspects of the justice department and that includes special counsels as well and so we will have a role in overseeing what's transpiring here what's real concerning to me is how Justice is applied and is it applied equally McCarthy told host Maria.

Bartiromo how many years has this vice president who's been in public office for more than 40 years had these documents who's been in and out of there the speaker continued so they apply a special counsel but how many agents do they apply to that and apply to former president Donald Trump.

As well this is just hypocrisy under immense scrutiny from Republicans attorney general Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel Thursday to investigate the now-found classified materials which Biden claims were inadvertently misplaced the GOP has also raised suspicions on.

The post-mid term election discovery of Biden's documents after the FBI raided Trump's mar-a Lego residence in August I'm tired of this justice department that we found that went after parents and others that they utilize it to go after people because they have different political beliefs that is what's wrong with government.

McCarthy said Sunday and this is a prime example of why we passed this week a new select committee that will fall under Jim Jordan's committee for the weaponization of government that we can look into what the FBI has been doing from Twitter and everywhere else and change the course where we can now trust our law.

Enforcement Garland tapped Robert Herr a former U.S attorney to lead the Biden investigation but McCarthy echoed similar warnings from former colleague Devin Nunes who claimed her should be questioned on his ties to the Russia hoax why is it every time there's an investigation of a republican they're.

Always tied together in a small little Loop couldn't we have an independent person in the FBI that has no ties to anything to investigate something why is it always from a small protected group of friends that are the only ones that they put in to have as counsel the speaker said.

We will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes us and how hard we have to fight he continued there's one thing I think I hope the American public realized from watching the race for speaker I will never give up that means I will never give up on you on getting the truth.

After his first week as Speaker McCarthy said very productive progress has been made within the Republican party including the repeal of 87 000 new IRS agents a select committee on China and preserving the Strategic petroleum Reserve he also teased upcoming legislation on border security and halting emergency.

Coveted funds one of the speaker's more controversial ideas has been the proposal to release all video evidence from the January 6 committee which he clarified on Sunday morning's futures the reason why I looked up releasing those tapes I watched the politicization of what transpired there that former.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wouldn't release her own texts but would pick and choose who could be on that committee McCarthy said so the best way to handle this I think is exactly the way Elon Musk just put all the information out there and let people see what is truth and what is not so the best way to do that is release.

The tapes people can know for themselves instead of picking and choosing what views they want people to see I think all that information should come forward and let the American public understand what transpired and let them know the full truth the house Speaker added.

Looking ahead McCarthy hopes to have his first conversation with Biden regarding budget cuts and raising the debt ceiling every government has to do this every state has to balance their budget County City for the White House to say they won't even look at it that they can't find one penny out of a dollar of eliminating.

Waste I think they were just trying to put us into bankruptcy McCarthy said what I am saying and it's my conversation with the president on our first conversation let's sit down together let's look at the places that we can change our Behavior the first thing I would say is why don't.

You make the House and Senate both produce a budget they don't produce a budget so you know they're wasting money continuing his message to the president McCarthy said let's sit down and change our behavior for the good of America because what we're going to do is bankrupt this country and bankrupt these.

Entitlements if we don't change our Behavior today

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