USA TODAY -Again Proving He Will Be McCarthy’s Largest Headache, Gaetz Is ‘Undecided’ On Omar Vote


Again proving he will be McCarthy's biggest headache Gates is undecided on Omar vote representative Matt Gates Republican Florida said on Monday night he is undecided on if he will vote to block representative Ilan Omar Democrat Minnesota from sitting on the house Foreign Affairs committee once again creating a whip count problem for.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Republican California whose vowed to oust the Democrat from her committee seat the reason I think a lot of Republicans want to kick Ilan Omar off of the Foreign Affairs committee is because they don't like what she has to say Gates said on Newsmax I am undecided as of tonight as to whether or not I would vote to remove.

Villain Omar from the Foreign Affairs committee because it's one thing to do dangerous things to the country with intelligence it's quite another to say I don't like your Viewpoint and thus I want to remove you last year Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene Republican Georgia and Paul gosar Republican Arizona were stripped of.

Their committee's assignments after they shared violent social media posts targeting Democratic lawmakers which included green posting about the assassination of then speaker Nancy Pelosi Democrat California and gosar posting an edited anime video that depicted him swinging swords at President Biden and killing.

Representative Alexandria ocasio-cortez Democrat New York since becoming speaker McCarthy has vowed to fulfill his promise to oust some Democrats out of their seats as retaliation for what happened to green and gosar this is a political calculation on McCarthy's end as he struggles to keep the mega House Republicans on his side and work through.

His agenda with a small majority of Republicans McCarthy already single-handedly blocked Representatives Adam Schiff Democrat California and Eric swalwell Democrat California from joining the house intelligence committee last week he has also been targeting Omar for some past remarks which have been described as anti-semitic that she.

Later apologized for but in Omar's case the speaker will need the support of a majority of the whole house to block her there's been reporting that he hopes to hold that vote this week if all Democrats support Omar McCarthy can only afford to lose four Republican votes Representatives Ken Buck Republican Colorado Victoria spartz ran and Nancy.

Mace RSC have already indicated that they will not vote to block Omar from getting a seat on the committee so by announcing he is undecided Gates is once again creating a math problem for McCarthy just like he did in the day's long speakership vote earlier this month Gates was notably one of the last Mega conservative holdouts in the speaker.

Vote he created quite a bit of drama on the house floor after he voted present following round 14 of votes McCarthy notably confronted him on the house floor and representative Mike Rogers Republican Alabama had to be physically restrained from lunging at Gates representative George Santos Republican New York also indeed educated he might.

Muck things up further for McCarthy reportedly telling the House GOP conference on Tuesday that he will be stepping aside from the Committees he was assigned as the GOP is trying to push Omar out according to CNN the timing of the Omar vote is still uncertain but with the razor thin majority the GOP holds in the house.

Gates and other Mega hardliners will likely continue to be a headache for McCarthy as they hold votes important to Republican leadership Hostage to get concessions out of the speaker

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