USA Most modern Info At the moment Kevin McCarthy reportedly ‘will under no cases slide away’ Marjorie Taylor Greene


Kevin McCarthy reportedly will never leave Marjorie Taylor Greene Kevin McCarthy reportedly said he would never leave Marjorie Taylor green the far-right conspiracy theorist Republican congresswoman from Georgia after she backed him through a right-wing rebellion and 15 rounds of voting for the position of U.S House speaker.

I will never leave that woman McCarthy told a friend according to the New York Times I will always take care of her elected to congress in 2020 green quickly became a figurehead for the pro-trump far-right particularly after Democrats then in control of the house ejected her from committees citing her.

Racist statements and encouragement of violence against political opponents 11 Republicans supported the move green also voiced support for Q Anon The Conspiracy Theory which holds that Democratic leaders are pederastic cannibals spoke at a white supremacist rally criticized and contravened covid-19 public health measures and.

Among countless other controversies suggested jewish-controlled space solar generators were responsible for destructive wildfires recently green said that if she had been in ch arge of trump supporters who attacked Congress on January 6 2021 an attempt to overturn Joe Biden's election when now linked to nine deaths and more.

Than 900 charges we would have won in comments she later claimed were made in jest green also said the protesters would have been armed in a detailed examination of the emerging bond between McCarthy and green the times said the speaker's remarks about the congresswoman's support were made to a friend who wished to stay.

Anonymous but both politicians spoke to the paper of record if you're going to be in a fight you want Marjorie in your Foxhole McCarthy said when she picks a fight she's going to fight until the fight's over she reminds me of my friends from high.

School that we're going to stick together all the way through green said that by sticking to his agenda as Speaker McCarthy would easily vindicate me and prove I moved the conference to the right during my first two years when I served in the minority with no committees green told the paper McCarthy's defense.

Of her when Democrats removed her from her committee assignments in February 2021 had a big impact on me almost two years later she and McCarthy were shown in regular and close contact during the 15 vote speakership Marathon a process covered by C-SPAN cameras and watched by a national audience last week McCarthy assigned green to the.

Homeland security and oversight committees both set to be key engines of Republican attacks on the Biden Administration over the next two years green told the times people need to understand that it isn't just me that deserves credit it is the will and the voice of our base that was heard and Kevin listened to.

Them I was just a vehicle much of the time

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