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Says it's very disloyal of Ron DeSantis to even consider running against him in 2024 on Saturday Donald Trump slammed the prospect of Ron DeSantis running against him in 2024. Trump said it would be very disloyal of DeSantis to run for president to me it is it's always about loyalty.

Trump said but for a lot of people it's not about that on Saturday former president Donald Trump hid out at his would-be 2024 rival Florida gov Ron DeSantis so then when I hear he might run you know I consider that very disloyal Trump told reporters on board his plane per.

CNN but it's not about loyalty to me it is it's always about loyalty but for a lot of people it's not about that Trump also claimed without substantiation that DeSantis would not have been elected governor of Florida without his support.

Number one he never would have gotten the nomination and number two he never would have beat his Democrat opponent Trump said Trump has repeatedly claimed that he is responsible for DeSantis political success in June the former president said he was very responsible for DeSantis 2018 win.

Over the weekend Trump again took the credit for DeSantis getting elected while brushing off questions about the governor being ahead of him in the polls he will be leading I got him elected Trump said on Saturday per Politico I'm the one that chose him Trump in November announced his 2024 run on Saturday he hit the campaign trail.

With events in South Carolina and New Hampshire DeSantis has not yet announced a 2024 run but he has hinted that he might run for president notably during a debate in October DeSantis did not commit to serving another four full years as Florida's governor.

Trump meanwhile has already gone on the offensive against DeSantis in November Trump dubbed the governor Ronde sanctimonious during a rally and blasted him as average on social media the nickname Rhonda sanctimonious also found its way into one of Trump's truth social rants on Sunday night.

Trump also fired a warning shot at DeSantis during a January 16 podcast saying he will handle DeSantis if the governor runs against him DeSantis has refrained from hitting back at Trump in November DeSantis told people to chill out about the prospect of a GOP civil war between him and the former president.

Trump will fold like a house of cards to avoid prison ER former president Donald Trump will fold like a house of cards to avoid prison if he gets indicted in any of the ongoing criminal investigations against him according to former Federal prosecutor Glenn kirschner.

Brian Tyler Cohen host of the legal breakdown asked Kirchner on Saturday whether or not he thinks Trump will be charged in different cases if an indictment is handed down against him in the Georgia election probe I would like to think that the Department of Justice doj has the kind of backbone and has the kind of bravery.

And the kind of determination to move forward with indictments against the former president and his criminal Associates kirschner responded former Federal prosecutor and msndc legal analyst is hoping that the doj wouldn't need Fulton County district attorney Fannie Willis who is handling the Georgia probe to take the first step.

In bringing charges against Trump so that they could follow suit and indecked him in other cases Trump and some of his allies are being investigated for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia Willis on Tuesday urged Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney to not publicly reveal the.

Findings of a special grand jury that spent months looking into the case Willis also asked the judge to be wary of protecting future defendants rights with regard to the ongoing criminal probe she added that a decision on potential criminal charges is imminent but didn't mention any names kirschner on Saturday said he thinks.

That charges brought against the former president in the Georgia election probe will embolden and encourage the doj to accelerate its pace and move in the direction of indictments a bit faster I think prosecutors who are investigating Donald Trump are going to need all the support they can find both legally and atmospherically and that's why I think.

Once one indictment drops and the others begin to drop that's when you're going to see Donald Trump fold like a house of cards and I think he's going to be desperate to strike whatever kind of deals he can strike to minimize his exposure ultimately to prison the former Federal prosecutor added.

During a Thursday episode of the legal breakdown kirschner predicted that Trump could face trial within one year if he's indicted in the Georgia election investigation if I had to guess once the indictments are returned and Donald Trump is presented in court on that indictment and he is arraigned and read the charges.

That the grand jury has leveled against him we'll probably see a trial date set somewhere between six months to a year down the road but the defense attorney will forever try to file motions to continue to push it further and further down the road he said Trump who has continued to maintain his innocence is being investigated in other.

Criminal probes including the way he allegedly handled classified documents which were ceased by FBI agents from his Mar-A-Lago residence last August and his alleged involvement in the January 6 2021 Capital Riot when his supporters stormed the U.S Capitol Building to stop Joe Biden's Electoral College certification.

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