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Joe Rogan says Biden AIDS trying to get rid of him amid document scandal Joe Rogan thinks Joe Biden's aides want him out of the White House as a result of the recent classified documents scandal the president is facing backlash over allegations he may have misplaced or mishandled multiple classified documents.

While he was vice president with new and confirmed reports that he kept papers in his garage during the recent episode of his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience the host speculated that members of Biden's team wanted him out of office he was joined by fellow comedians Matt mccusker and Shane Gillis as Rogan aired.

His views Rogan started with a disclaimer about his own knowledge on politics but continued on with his strong stance I Don't Know Jack s asterisk asterisk asterisk about politics but if I had to guess they're trying to get rid of him Rogan said if all of a sudden his own aides are.

Sending these instead of taking these classified documents which you have located and go well let's not do that again and locking them up somewhere his own AIDS that sounds sus an went on to suggest the documents were found before the midterms but they waited to make the information public.

Guest mccusker said that if it were previous president Don ald Trump that this happened to the news media would have gone right along with it Biden faced widespread scrutiny when the information about misplaced classified documents was released he had previously been critical of Donald Trump for holding on to.

Classified documents at his Mara Lego home in Florida but he admitted on January 12 to storing documents in his home and personal Library that second leak came a few days after news broke about 10 classified documents that were discovered on November 2nd at his former office at the Penn Biden Center for diplomacy and Global.

Engagement according to CNN some of the documents were marked top secret attorney general Merrick Garland has announced that a special counsel will investigate the president's handling of the documents Florida Senator Rick Scott a republican voiced his concern on Twitter saying.

Either Joe Biden is an absolute hypocrite or completely clueless probably both we need to get to the bottom of this he added time for accountability during the recent episode of Rogan's podcast he suggested the disparity in the levels of reporting of both Trump and Biden's classified document scandals.

Are a reflection of a divided news media there's a bunch of us that are just unrepresented Rogan continued you've got radical left and radical right former senior advisor to George W bush Karl Rove believes Biden made a mistake by going in so hard on Trump over his classified documents scandal.

I think one of the most important pieces to take about this which is how did he characterize president Trump taking documents to mar-a Lego he said on Fox News and in that September interview with Scott Pelley of 60 minutes he goes out of his way to take a 2×4 to Trump at that point he didn't apparently.

Remember that he had classified documents Rogan has spoken about Biden at length on his podcast in the past in October 2022 Rogan said there's clear evidence of cognitive decline in the president suggesting he is showing signs of dementia

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