USA Latest News At the present time Donald Trump’s Telltale Imprint He Knows He’ll Be Indicted: Kirschner


Donald Trump's Telltale sign he knows he'll be indicted kirschner former president Donald Trump is showing his cards through his plethora of social media posts according to attorney and former U.S army prosecutor Glenn kirschner in a Sunday episode of kushner's podcast Justice matters per share detailed The.

Telltale sign that the former president knows an indictment is coming the way in frequency in which Trump writes his truth social posts Trump faces a criminal investigation led by Jack Smith a prosecutor Who was appointed to lead the investigation into Trump's alleged mishandling of classified documents at mar-a Lego and.

Trump's involvement in the January 6 2021 Capital riots the former president hasn't been indicted on any charges kirschner saw a post by Trump on Truth social in which Trump berates Smith and feels he is being treated unfairly compared to President Joe Biden Biden also faces scrutiny over.

Allegations of misplaced classified documents how come the Biden prosecutor is a nice guy very friendly with Democrats and rhinos alike close to Christopher Ray and pretty much liked and known by everybody while my prosecutor is a radical left Trump hating lunatic whose wife and family get a perfect 10 for.

Spewing Trump hate and whose friends are the most evil angry and disgusting marxists and Communists in and around government Trump posted on Truth social on Saturday they are grilling innocent people in grand juries for hours all to get Trump these are sick thugs Kushner said Trump's Saturday post.

Prompted him to explore other posts by the former president which led him to the opinion that Trump knows he is powerless to stop an indictment Kushner referenced several posts in which Trump slams Smith the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI and the Department of Justice doj Trump frequently writes in all capital.

Letters when he posts about the topics Kushner said the former president may feel the capital letters make the post extra persuasive but he doesn't view it the same way in fact it really just signals desperation Kushner said Kushner said the way Trump writes his posts and how frequently he posts shows.

He lacks confidence in his innocence he sounds desperate he sounds scared he sounds like he knows indictments are coming and there's nothing he can do to stop them Krishner said however Trump's 2024 presidential campaign criticized kirschner in an email statement sent to Newsweek Glenn is a notorious trafficker of wild.

Conspiracy theories and dubious legal analysis I would expect nothing more from a clout chasing MSNBC contributor the campaign told Newsweek in an email kirscher admitted he wasn't a behavioral psychologist but after three decades of criminal investigations he said he was pretty good at spotting signs of.

Desperation and consciousness of guilt when I see them Donald Trump is full of it desperation and consciousness of guilt Kushner said kershire said Trump's posts are getting a few thousand interactions and reposts but are much lower than the interaction Trump's tweets received when he had a Twitter account.

In a very real sense Donald Trump is both figuratively and literally screaming into the void I suggest that what we can glean from these unhinged desperate posts of Donald Trump is that he knows indictments are coming and he knows he is powerless to stop them

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