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Trump is trying to make a comeback it's not working U.S files six more classified documents seized at Biden home Trump is trying to make a comeback it's not working Lloyd Green his campaign event this week was a dud his legal woes are growing and his.

Cronies are viciously inviting once again the legal pitfalls and enthusiasm deficit that plagued Donald Trump's bid for the 2024 Republican nomination are on display on Thursday a federal judge imposed 938 thousand dollars in sanctions on Trump and his lawyers meanwhile an appearance touted by Trump.

As a major campaign event was nothing more than a closed-door speech to deep pocketed election deniers at a trump property for those looking for uplift from a trump campaign those days are over personal grievance and claims of a stolen 2020 election will likely be his dominant themes.

For the 45th president that may bring catharsis for everyone else in the Republican party that spells chaos headache and the possibility of another Trump defeat at the hands of Joe Biden and the Democrats Trump bankman fried and musk are the monsters of American capitalism Robert Reich.

Robert Reich read more Mr Trump is a prolific and sophisticated litigant who is repeatedly using the courts to seek revenge on political adversaries the court thundered in its ruling he is The Mastermind of strategic abuse of the judicial process.

Judge Donald Middleburg shredded Trump and his lawyers for bringing a failed and frivolous racketeering lawsuit against Hillary Clinton her political allies and a passel of ex-government officials in the judge's eyes the lawsuit was little else than a repackaged trump campaign stump speech.

A day later Trump dropped a separate lawsuit filed against Leticia James New York's Attorney General that case too was pending before Middlebrooks who similarly viewed that matter as fixatious and frivolous the threat of sanctions hung in the air as for the Trump speech the public never heard it now is another self-inflicted.

Nothing Burger up there with as much touted Trump nft superhero trading cards a waste of time and attention a lost opportunity earlier in the day Trump had vowed to deliver a major political announcement later that night he also promised to resume his signature rallies.

Instead he spoke behind closed doors at Trump Doral his Resort in Miami to Judicial Watch a tax-exempt group ostensibly dedicated to promoting Integrity transparency and accountability in government and Fidelity to the rule of law that is the lying Judicial Watch feeds the IRS.

Reality is different Tom fitton Judicial Watch as president pushed Trump to declare Victory early on Election night 2020 and stopped counting ballots fitton also argued that White House records were trumps to keep rule of law not so much actually.

To be sure Trump still leads the pack of perspective Republican Presidential nominees no other Republican Contender possesses the same rapport with the party's white working class base no one else is owed so much by Kevin McCarthy the beleaguered Speaker of the House by the Numbers Trump retains a.

Double-digit advantage over Ron DeSantis Florida's spite-filled but merciless governor so far the 45th president's mounting legal woes listless campaign and friction with the Evangelical leadership have not displaced him from his perch then there is the pending sexual assault and defamation litigation brought by E.

Gene Carroll at a rate field deposition the ex-reality show host flashed moments of verbal incontinence there he confused the plaintiff with Marla Maples his second wife in that Split Second his much hyped she's not my type defense may have vanished.

The near future does not appear much brighter a trial is set for later this spring meanwhile the special counsel moves ahead and the Manhattan district attorney reportedly shows renewed interest in Trump organization payments to Stormy Daniels along the way Michael Cohen has.

Resurfaced the circus is back to top it off in Georgia a Fulton County Court will hear arguments this coming week on whether to release a grand jury report on the 2020 election if indicted Trump's Fate on extradition could well rest with DeSantis now that's ironic.

Lloyd Green is an attorney in New York and served in the U.S Department of Justice from 1990 to 1992. we have a small favor to ask tens of millions have placed their trust in The guardian's Fearless journalism since we started publishing 200 years ago turning to us in moments of Crisis uncertainty solidarity and Hope.

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Deliver high impact Global reporting always free from commercial or political influence reporting like this is vital for democracy for fairness and to demand better from the powerful U.S files six more classified documents seized at Biden home U.S Department of Justice doj.

Investigators have found six more classified documents during a 13-hour search of President Joe Biden's home in Delaware a lawyer for Mr Biden says some documents seized at the Wilmington property on Friday were from his time as a senator and others from his tenure as vice president under Barack Obama lawyer Bob Bauer said personally.

Handwritten notes and surrounding materials were also taken away Mr Biden and his wife were not present the president offered access to his home to allow doj to conduct a search of the entire premises for potential vice presidential records and potential classified material Mr Bauer said in a statement on Saturday.

Former president Donald Trump is facing a criminal investigation for allegedly mishandling classified files earlier this month Mr Biden's lawyers set a first batch of classified documents have been found on November 2nd at the Penn Biden Center a think tank the president founded in Washington D.C.

A second batch of Records was found on December 20th in the garage at his Wilmington home while another document was found in a storage space at the house on January 12th his lawyer said after finding the documents the president said his team immediately turned them over to the National Archives and the justice department.

It is not clear why Mr Biden had kept them under the presidential records act White House Records are supposed to go to the National Archives once an Administration ends where they can be stored securely a special counsel Robert Herr has been appointed to lead the investigation into how the sensitive documents were handled.

The lengthy search and subsequent discovery of more documents is a political headache for the president as he prepares to declare whether he will run for a second term in 2024. Mr Biden and his wife Jill are spending the weekend in the coastal town of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware where they own another house.

It was searched earlier this month and no documents were found his lawyers said according to the New York Times the two-month gap between the first Biden Discovery days before the midterm elections and the News being made public in January raises awkward questions for the president about transparency BBC North America correspondent Anthony.

Searcher says Mr Biden's team insists the president has cooperated fully with the doj inquiry Mr Biden has played down the affair as an oversight saying he has no regrets about not publicly disclosing the discovery of some classified files before the November midterm elections.

The discovery comes as former U.S president Donald Trump also faces a probe over his alleged mishandling of hundreds of classified documents at his Florida Mara Lego residence and his alleged failure to comply with a subpoena Mr Trump and his lawyers resisted handing over the documents until the FBI.

Raided his Florida holiday home last August he alleges that President Biden is being treated more favorably by the FBI President Biden said at the time that Mr Trump's handling of the documents was totally irresponsible Mr Trump has not given any reason to explain their presence there but has.

Said he had the power as president to declassify them acclaimed challenged by legal experts

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