USA CityNews This day Schiff, Swalwell, Omar retort after Speaker McCarthy


Chef swalwell Omar respond after speaker McCarthy keeps them off committees political vengeance Adam Schiff and Eric swalwell were kicked off the house Intel committee while Omar was dropped from the Foreign Affairs committee Representatives Adam Schiff Eric swalwell and Dylan Omar who were.

Stripped of their committee assignments by house Speaker Kevin McCarthy have accused him of political Vengeance in a statement Tuesday evening after he again blocked their appointments it's disappointing but not surprising that Kevin McCarthy has capitulated to the right wing of his caucus undermining the Integrity of the Congress and.

Harming our national security in the process said Schiff Democrat California swalwell Democrat California and Omar Democrat Minnesota in a joint statement the statement is the latest Exchange in an ongoing Tiff between McCarthy Republican California and the three Democrats after he removed them from Choice committee assignments after.

Republicans took over the majority and he was elected speaker he struck a corrupt bargain in his desperate and nearly failed attempt to win the speakership a bargain that required political Vengeance against the three of us the Democrats continued in the letter immediately following his decision.

Schiff swallow and Omar asked McCarthy to reconsider but he did not despite these efforts McCarthy won't be successful we will continue to speak out against extremism and doggedly defend our democracy the Democratic Trio said after the three Democrats were.

Unsuccessful in convincing McCarthy to reinstate their committee positions minority leader Hakeem Jeffries Democrat New York the highest ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives vouched for them in a letter Jeffrey said the legislators were eminently qualified and had experienced justifying a position.

Overseeing the nation's intelligence community Schiff and swalwell previously served on the house intelligence committee while Omar served on the Foreign Affairs committee that also failed to convince McCarthy who said in an open letter that National Security and integrity matter more than.

The partisan loyalty I appreciate the Loyalty you have to your Democrat colleagues and I acknowledge your efforts to have two members of Congress reinstated to the house permanent select committee on intelligence McCarthy wrote to Jeffries but I cannot put partisan loyalty ahead of National Security and I cannot simply.

Recognize years of service as the sole criteria for membership to this essential committee Integrity matters more the Republican added as such in order to maintain a standard worthy of this committee's responsibilities I am hereby rejecting the appointments of Representative Adam Schiff and.

Representative Eric swalwell to serve on the intelligence committee McCarthy also said it is my assessment that the misuse of this panel during the 116th and 117th congresses severely undermined its primary National Security and oversight missions ultimately leaving our nation less safe therefore as we enter a new Congress I.

Am committed to returning the intelligence committee to one of genuine honesty and credibility that regains the trust of the American people the California Republican said McCarthy alleges swalwell's prior relationship with a suspected Chinese spy Christine Fong shifts alleged propensity for lying to Americans and.

Omar's outspoken criticism of Israel would keep them off their respective committees since becoming house Speaker McCarthy has vowed to make the legislative process more open and transparent he has also created select committees tasked with investigating the covid-19 pandemic government response and the.

Weaponization of the federal government Republicans on the select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic include chairman Brad wenstrup of Ohio and representatives Nicole malliotakis of New York marionette Miller Meeks of Iowa Debbie lesko of Arizona Michael cloud of Texas John Joyce of Pennsylvania marjorie's Taylor green of Georgia.

Ronnie Jackson of Texas and Rich McCormick of Georgia the GOP members of the select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government include chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio and representatives Daryl ESO of California Thomas Massey of Kentucky Chris Stewart of Utah Elise stephanic of New York Mike Johnson of.

Louisiana chip Roy of Texas Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota Greg stube of Florida Dan Bishop of North Carolina cat camat and Harriet Hageman of Wyoming

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