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I have info on everyone Trump's concerning new mar-a Lego claims Donald Trump doesn't have the best track record with classified documents he's currently the subject of a criminal investigation into the alleged mishandling of sensitive government files around 100 classified records were seized from his mar-a Lego home.

Following an FBI raid in August 2022. what's more his Florida estate has a colorful history of hosting imposters and Intruders over the years but that certainly hasn't stopped him from weighing in on President Biden's own top secret document debacle and making some concerning new claims about information held at mar-a Lego.

Click or scroll on to find out in January 2023 it was revealed that a number of sensitive documents were recovered from Biden's Wilmington home and his former civilian office in late 2022 the papers are thought to relate to his time as vice president and were turned over to the Department of Justice upon.

Their discovery nevertheless Trump berated Biden on his social media platform truth social on Monday January 16 over the security measures at the house Biden's private residence does not keep records of those who visit the property though he is not required to do so by law.

Trump wrote The White House just announced that there are no logs or information of any kind on visitors to the Wilmington House in flimsy unlocked and unsecured but now very famous garage maybe they are smarter than we think this is one of seemingly many places where highly classified documents are stored in a big pile on The Damp floor.

Trump went on to praise the security at his own Palm Beach estate in the post mar-a Lego is a highly secured facility with security cameras all over the place and watched over by staff and our great Secret Service I have info on everyone both Biden and Trump are now the subjects of government probes.

Federal investigators uncovered more than 300 documents with classified markings during a search of mar-a Lego last year while roughly 20 papers were retrieved from Biden's office and home according to CBS over the years Trump's Florida estate has experienced numerous security breaches while intelligence experts have.

Shown concern over the vulnerability of top secret records kept at the property the guardian reported that former intelligence officials have warned that Trump's Florida residence is a magnet for foreign spies amongst the documents found in the August 2022 raid were details of U.S intelligence operations in enemy.

Countries Trump denies any wrongdoing arguing that as president he had Declassified the documents and that they were kept securely at his mar-a Lego home menting on the FBI's findings John Brennan former CIA director told MSNBC I'm sure mar-a Lego was being targeted by Russian intelligence and other.

Intelligence Services over the course of the last 18 or 20 months and if they were able to get individuals into that facility and access those rooms where those documents were and made copies of those documents that's what they would do

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