US warns of ‘penalties’ if China supplies Russia with weapons | USA TODAY


We are, uh, concerned that, uh,China is considering, uh, uh, supporting Russia's war effort inUkraine with lethal assistance, something that we're watching, uh,very, very closely. As I also said, uh, and as President Biden said, going back many months when theaggression first took place, and he spoke to President, uh, Xi Jinping,uh, he told him at that point that, um, there would be real, um, consequences in our own relationshipwere China to provide lethal assistance to, um, Russia in this, uh,aggression against Ukraine or, uh,.

In a systematic way, aid in the evasionof, uh, of sanctions. Uh, and as I said, we have, uh, a real concernthat China's considering, uh, doing just that. I'm not gonnalay out what the, uh, uh, what the consequenceswould be. I shared, um, these concerns directly with the seniorChinese foreign policy official Wang Yi when I saw him at the, uh, MunichSecurity Conference, uh, just, uh, the other day. Uh, but I thinkChina, uh, understands, uh, what's, uh, what's at risk were it to proceed withproviding material support of that kind.

To, uh, uh, to Russia. Uh, I also know from conversations with manyother countries, including in Munich, um, that many othercountries, uh, would take, um, very seriously the provision of suchsupport by, uh, China to Russia. And this would be areal problem for China. It's in its relationships with many othercountries, not just the United States. So we hope and expect thatthey will forbear from, uh, going down that road.

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