US shoots down unknown object over Alaska


Judy these details are very preliminary at this point but the latest information that we have is this was the size of a small car cylindrical and silverish gray in color but it seems there are some significant differences between the object that was shot down today and the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down last week.

The Pentagon says a pair of f-22s were sent up and one took the shot to down the object seen floating off the coast of Alaska as it entered into U.S airspace officials say it was first spotted yesterday evening we uh are always concerned about potential foreign collection near or around our military sites the decision to shoot the.

Object down was made today by President Biden given the fact that it was operating at an altitude that posed a reasonable threat to civilian air traffic the determination was made and the president gave the order to take it down but officials say there are significant differences between this object and the Chinese surveillance.

Balloon shot down last week this was flying low 40 000 feet which the Pentagon says could have threatened commercial planes it does not appear to be maneuverable in contrast to the Chinese balloon that was we don't know yet exactly what it is or where it's from guys this just happened within the last now hour and a half and uh and.

They're still assessing uh where this thing landed and and the degree to which they can get to it I can say that we have located a significant amount of debris so far that will prove helpful to our further understanding of this balloon and surveillance capabilities teams are conducting underwater searches as conditions permit and the object does.

Not appear to have a pilot inside at that altitude something that small very very unlikely that it was manned again the search for debris is ongoing this afternoon right now sea conditions not entirely favorable so it could take some time Rob watch Breaking News on YouTube subscribe to ABC 7 Chicago Eyewitness News.

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