US shoots down third ‘object’ after initial Chinese ogle craft


The U.S military shoots down another object this time over Lake Huron making this the fourth shoot down in about one week joining us now is Lucas Tomlinson with the latest Lucas well good afternoon this is the fourth time in eight days the U.S military has shot down an object over North America certainly unprecedented in the history.

Of this country we just learned some new details from Michigan Congressman Jack Bergman of course a retired Marine Corps three-star General and former ch-46 pilot which Joey knows all about of course he says this a U.S Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a mysterious octagonal object over Lake Huron earlier today using a Sidewinder missile that.

Object flying at twenty thousand feet that's notable because that's a much lower than those two objects shot down over the past two days this is now the third object shot down in the past three days guys starting on Friday when an object was shot down over the North coast of Alaska as you see here on this chart right on the northern coast of.

Alaska that search for the debris has been hampered by rough weather it is minus 20 degrees up there just it's very very difficult and then of course yesterday another object was blasted out of the sky by a U.S Air Force F-22 Raptors notable that it was a U.S Air Force jet shooting this thing down over the Skies of Canada and Canadian.

Airspace that was on joint orders from President Biden and Canada's prime minister and just as we know now just moments ago a U.S Air Force F-16 fighter jet shooting down this object over Lake Huron and of course going this came just hours after some airspace over Lake Michigan had been closed because they thought they detected something but then.

NORAD and the FAA lifted that restriction we don't know if that's because this object had passed through there obviously Lake Michigan Lake Huron very close together with the state of Michigan in between and as you see on the map there on the left side radar anomaly just hours after that shoot down of the object over Canadian airspace.

Yesterday the FAA closed some airspace down over Montana real right near the border with Canada of course near Maelstrom Air Force Base home to some U.S nuclear missile silos F-15 Eagles were scrambled from Portland Oregon they went in they didn't see anything and the NORAD later put out a statement guys saying it was a radar.

Anomaly essentially saying this is a false alarm however John Senator John tester for Montana was on CBS This Morning he thinks he believes there was and is something up there now Montana around this area is about 1500 miles to Lake Michigan Lake Huron it's not immediately clear was this the same object you know these flying objects.

Have not been traveling very quickly of course when you go back over a week ago you had that gigantic 2 000 pound Chinese spying apparatus that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina also by an F-22 Raptor that one had a Langley Air Force Base so just one more time this is the fourth time in eight days the U.S military has shot down an.

Object over the Skies of North America guys okay and thank you Lucas and I can know more or more or wondering you know first of all we don't know where the other three are from for were their Origins correct okay but also you've got to wonder you know how can any of these be used to harm us in any way are these enemy States testing our perimeter and.

Testing our response I mean these are a lot of questions that are coming up I imagine for Americans right Alicia one thing that's very notable it appears that these three objects have been shot down over the last three days all were able to penetrate U.S airspace they were not detected until they were already inside.

This country that is very concerning for military officials of course we heard from norad's Commanding General General van herek who called it essentially a blind spot I think called The Domain awareness Gap a little bit of pentagonies there but bottom line is it's a blind spot but you know not unlike the Super Bowl but most of us.

About to watch this evening you know what do teams will do countries adversaries look for they look for these blind spots they look to exploit and that is what appears to be happening however it once again just a word of caution top officials at the Pentagon here at the White House we heard from Canada's.

Defense minister last night in Ottawa she said we do not know the origin of that any of these objects the objects shot down over Canada yesterday the object just shot down over Lake Huron and certainly that object shot down off the North coast of Alaska on Friday Lucas uh what we don't know is driving the questions we have obviously is.

Driving our curiosity our imagination or our minds are going everywhere and hopefully we're going to get more information soon one thing to do my own research and looking at a report or or some an update from Jennifer Griffin is basically the idea that we have universities that put balloons of observation I want to say weather.

Balloon but even more than that we have universities to do that corporations that do that local municipalities and their Weather Service that do that um is the Pentagon doing anything to cross-reference these before they shoot them down are they are they looking into where they could be from from a friendly place before they shoot them down is.

There any system in place that tracks those types of objects in the sky one of the comments that Jennifer gave us was one of the senior Pentagon officials said there's trash all in the sky right show and of course you remember your time in the Marine Corps you know you are very careful what you shoot at you look at what the target is what's.

Also behind it uh there's no question this is why the the Pentagon NORAD are scrambling fighter jets to get a visual ID before opening fire these aren't just uh shooting down you know targets Beyond visual range it's why they're using these A9 Sidewinders that's a heat-seeking missile you got to be in short range to use them and that's why.

They're being studied for hours in the case of that uh gigantic spy balloon that traveled across the United States on that week-long Odyssey of course they took a lot of time to observe it but certainly these three objects they all appear to be a little bit different however though we heard from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of course.

A member of the gang of eight he is privy to some of the nation's closest held Secrets he called the objects uh certainly the one over Canada shot down a balloon U.S officials have told fox in the past 24 hours the object shot down over Canada was this small metallic balloon and it was Tethered to small payload Friday we heard from John Kirby.

At the podium here at the White House you said the object of the size of a small car certainly much smaller than what was called a giant uh 2 000 pound Chinese spy operas that was the size of three school buses but back to your question Joey there's no question uh visual ID is is happening of course you know you have things like iff you know.

Radar from a weather balloon you're not going to get iff of course uh you know it's it's unmanned they don't even file a flight plan I mean they might do a notice to Airmen you know launch those those things but I I officials tell me to be very difficult to think that the US military is just blasting weather balloons out of the sky with half.

Million dollar Sidewinder missiles I mean that's that's absolutely fair right now we just don't know they're telling me that we have pictures now of I believe this is the plane uh going over Lake Huron the the plane that responded to that balloon or that object um could be an airliner let's be fair I.

Mean that's really far away yeah um but yeah it is notable you know um that the congressman Jack Bergman is a former Marine Corps three-star General he flies ch-46s Joy you know are about they're probably taking a few rides back in your day on those uh uh see nights um he knows what he's talking about when he said it was a U.S Air Force F-16.

That's notable of course a lot of f-16s in their National Guard uh yesterday at F-15 Eagles scrambling from Portland to respond to that what seemingly was a false alarm over Montana however uh you know you don't have to do a basic dead reckoning to know that you know if something is traveling East in a spot over Montana last night this could very.

Well be that same object we don't know we do know that Senator John tester this morning was pretty testy on CBS saying he thought an object was up there he didn't buy the radar anomaly uh excuse from NORAD Lucas we also have a tweet from Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale saying I'm in constant communication with norcom and.

They have just advised me that they have confidence there as an object and is not an anomaly I'm waiting now to receive visual confirmation our nation's security is my priority obviously you've got congressmen from this region that are sounding the alarm their constituents I know because I'm from the Midwest I'm from South Dakota their.

Constituents probably are not very used to this kind of activity happening over their airspace so my question for you is this is it now because we saw this Chinese spy balloon last weekend was visible to the naked eye now we've got these other objects that may or may not be visible to the naked eye what is the likelihood that there have been objects.

Like this flying over air sprays penetrating our airspace for a long time and now the American government is just on a high alert for these kind of objects well I think there's no question by the way that tweet by Congressman Rosedale he was obviously very fired up and was not buying that statement from NORAD.

Last night they call this a radar anomaly seemingly a false alarm he was very convinced based on conversation he had been having with officials that this was a real Target a real contact in the sky and it appears if it's the same uh contact that it now headed east that he was correct uh back to what you're saying Tommy about spotting these on.

Radar uh oh and I've been told we have sound from a center tester let's uh all have a listen the truth is is that there was an anomaly and they've investigated I think it got dark last night so they couldn't fully check it out what's gone on the last uh you know two weeks or so 10 days has been nothing short of.

Um craziness and uh the military needs to have a plan to not only determine uh what's out there but determine the dangers that go with it so Center tester was obviously a little fired up there saying he was very convinced something in the sky it's also notable though when he says it got dark out I mean that's just not how the US.

Military Works in fact the U.S military it sometimes works best at night I've certainly we're trying to get a visual ID of course that's more challenging but it's not like our Pilots don't have nods and can't see at night that you know the U.S military is an all-weather service can see at any time um so just bottom line is once again.

This is the fourth time in eight days the US military shot down an object over North America but Tommy going back to your question about why these aren't being spotted I was thinking about it the other day and I was thinking about a little analogy that it's almost like looking for emails in your inbox if I told you to look for some in your inbox.

You just counted and spent you spend hours maybe days trying to find certain emails but if you have a keyword search it's easier to find those emails I think very similar thing right now going with the radar picture right now depending on it's collected a lot of data from these objects from that giant Chinese spider craft and they've gone back into those.

Systems because of course all these radar data is stored just like civilian satellite companies like planet or Max or they keep all that stuff they have to the pentagon's the same way NORAD so what they're doing is going back in time and seeing do we think we ever heard or saw this that's where it's coming from that's why when they said this happened.

During the Trump Administration you heard from president Trump and all his top aides say we don't remember this that's because they didn't know many people in the Pentagon didn't know and frankly a lot of these uh you know discoveries were dismissed officials have come clean with that saying they did not rise to the level uh you know.

Some military Pilots uh saying look at those Tic Tac videos not Tick Tock Tic Tac from USS Nimitz remember those UFOs that were seen buzzing around you know the heads-up display from those Navy Pilots remember they're saying this is going so fast whoa can't believe it turn you know there's a chance this is what could be a very similar craft we again.

We just don't know the origin over these last three objects uh but just remember you know U.S spy satellites for years they they're not looking for small slow balloons U.S military spy satellites IR birds in particular they're looking for missile launches in North Korea they're looking at aircraft troop movements China North Korea Russia of course over.

Ukraine you know that's what Spice Islands are doing they're looking at a lot of stationary objects or missile launches and because they have that data in the systems if it's like you know a large explosion how much orange flame is there that's how they identify you know these North Korean missiles go up within seconds minutes you're getting those.

Statements out of the Pentagon they even know what classes at KN 23 can 24 it only gets in the weeds of North Korean ballistic missiles here but that's how they know is it an ICBM they see them rolling out of like the closet the storage and all that anyway digress going on a little along here let's look it's quick question quick answer the.

Administration's messaging to this point has been reactive defensive and inconsistent the president is spending a rare weekend at the White House he hosted that black high event for America's Got Governors can we expect to hear from him or has the White House already called a lid on the day indicating that we will not be hearing.

From the commander-in-chief given this breaking news that's right Joe the President Biden's right here behind me is in Residence here at the White House and he had uh by all counts a lovely dinner at the White House last night black tie affair everybody had their dinner jacket on hosting the nation's Governors obviously.

Not everyone attended Governor Ron DeSantis Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not attend uh the there was a musical guest uh Brad a country star Brad Paisley of course all that was going down the FAA was closing airspace over Montana and those Eagles had scrambled from Portland uh trying to figure out was there another object over.

The Skies of Montana of course that was only hours after uh that object was shot down over Canadian airspace it was very notable yesterday though Joe a little digression here but I think we have some time to fill is it was a Canadian defense minister taking the lead Canada was taking the lead yesterday it was very clear that the white house.

Depending on you weren't going to hear officials we heard about a phone call between binds defense secretary Lloyd Austin his Canadian counterpart otherwise the Canadians took the lead although it was very notable it was a U.S Air Force fighter jet that shot down that object in Canadian airspace Lucas Tomlinson thank you so much for.

Breaking all this down for the for us a great job Lucas Tomlinson at the White House we'll get back to you as news warns hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else

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