US shoots down 4 UFOs, militia officers might perhaps well perhaps well also now no longer rule out aliens


Developing this morning folks it has happened again the US military is shooting down another high-flying object this time it happened Sunday over Lake Huron it's a great lake between Canada Canada and Michigan Lake of Charlotte's Bree Jackson now in Washington with what the Pentagon has said so far Ben the Pentagon is declining to describe these.

Recent objects as balloons but this is the still found in just eight days and lawmakers on Capitol Hill say they're being left in the dark about the situation the U.S military shooting down a fourth unidentified high altitude object Sunday this time over Lake Huron what's gone on.

The last you know two weeks or so 10 days has been nothing short of craziness and the military needs to have a plan to not only determine uh what's out there but determine the dangers that go with it President Biden ordering the takedown after military officials raised concerns about the object's path and altitude saying it was a safety flight.

Hazard and a threat due to its potential surveillance capabilities this marks the third object blasted out of the sky in just three days boom and comes a week after a Chinese surveillance balloon had Americans eyes glued to the sky they do appear somewhat trigger happy although this is certainly preferable to the permissive environment.

That they showed when the Chinese spy balloon was coming over some of our most sensitive sites military leaders say the Pentagon has been more closely scrutinizing U.S airspace officials are still collecting data to determine what the recent objects are as bipartisan calls for transparency grow why it's taking so long to for number one for for.

Me personally to identify these objects too why is it taking so long for them to be shot down in the absence of information people's anxiety leads them into uh potentially destructive areas so I do hope that very soon the Administration has a lot more information for all of us on what's going on lawmakers are pushing for a.

Briefing on the unidentified flying objects the Pentagon continues to search for debris and answers about their nature and purpose and defense officials say there was no indication of aliens with these recent takedowns in Washington Bree Jackson wake up Charlotte

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  1. China has fought succor, North Korea has on the full challenged missiles, Russia has if truth be told asked The US to duel, nonetheless The US is moral at shooting UFOs which must no longer particular, American fighter planes atomize plenty before combating, The US is moral at shooting balloons, and shooting one thing unclear.. flying saucers made by nasa to fear folk

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