US Scuttle Guard says this ship off Hawaii hover is a Russian discover about ship


The United States Coast Guard is tracking a suspected Russian spy ship that has been spotted in international waters off the coast of Hawaii. This as tensions between Washington and Moscow ov Russia's war in Ukraine are Ever.

CNN's Oren Liebermann is live at the Pentag And what is the Pentagon saying this morning about this s so close, given it's off the coast of Hawa Caitlin, it's the Coast Guard that's been tracking this ship for the course of the past sever.

And as you point out, what's interesting here is the t all the tension between the U.S. and Russia, between Washington and Moscow. The Coast Guard says they've been tracking the ship for several weeks now and believe.

That it is a Russian intelligence gathering ship in plain language a spy ship that's been hanging out in international waters off the coast of Hawaii. Coast Guard has been monitoring with the help of the Defense Dep.

It's not illegal or in any way u for Russian intelligence gathering ships or frankly, other ships and other aircraft to be in international waters or international airspace, gathering intelligence, essentia picking up what they can.

In international waters. It's the timing here that makes this interesting. And according to the Coast Guard the length of the time they've been watching this right off the coast of Hawaii. Caitlin And so how long is it, you know,.

If it is common for something like this to happe But we were seeing it get this close before, especially in the last year and when we've seen these tensions at an all time high between Russia and the United States, perhaps not.

In the last year and a half, but we have seen Russia acting like this in the past. For example, just a couple of ye there was a Russian spy ship off the east coast of the US off of Florida. What made that one different is, operating international waters.

But DOD called it out and operating in an unsafe manne meaning operating without runnin and not responding to commercial That's where these become incide and perhaps were even raised at the diplomatic level. Another example on the flip side just a few weeks ago, we saw a U.

Reconnaissance aircraft intercepted by Chinese aircraft in international airspace. Again, that's key here. What made that different is the accused China of acting in an unsafe manner and getting too close to the U.S aircraft.

That's when these rise above simple interactions and become incidents that can have consequences and are raised at diplomatic lev

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