US fighter jet shoots down thriller flying object over Canada


Let's begin this morning with another object shot down by a U.S fighter jet on Saturday this one flying over Canada and growing questions about why there have been so many of these incidents in just the past week we have the story covered from all angles beginning with NBC's Ali Rafa at the White House Ali good morning what's the latest.

Willie good morning Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing Saturday that yet another unidentified object populated Yukon has been shot down after the North American Aerospace defense Commander NORAD detected it Friday over Alaska Canadian officials say the object crossed into Canadian airspace at a low.

Enough altitude to threaten civilian flights it appears to be a small cylindrical object and smaller than the one that was downed off the coast of North Carolina both Trudeau and President Biden scrambling Canadian and U.S aircraft with the U.S F-22 bringing it down the FAA and other agencies on high alert.

Closing some airspace over Montana for more than an hour after a radar anomaly was detected defense officials later saying the closure was lifted after fighter aircraft didn't find a cause Saturday's events coming just one day after President Biden ordered another unidentified object the size of a small car be taken down off the coast of.

Alaska and one week after a 200 foot tall Chinese spy balloon was shot out of the sky off the coast of South Carolina following its eight day long journey over the U.S debris in all three locations still being recovered this morning any connection between them as well as their Origins capabilities and purposes still unclear raising questions.

About U.S protocol for other similar objects in the sky Willy Ali Rafa starting us off with the White House Ally thanks so much hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today Show every weekday at 11 A.M Eastern 8 Pacific on our streaming Channel today all day to watch head to all day or click the link right here.

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