Unidentified object near Alaska shot down by U.S. fighter pilot


Today under President Biden's order a U.S fighter pilot shot down an unidentified unmanned object the size of a small car we're calling this an object because that's the best description we have right now this time above the Arctic Waters off Alaska near the Canadian border at this point U.S officials are not saying this is another.

Chinese spy balloon in fact they say they don't know what it was or what it could do we do not know who owns it whether it's a whether it's state-owned or or corporate owned or privately owned we just don't know spotted and tracked for about 24 hours moving northeasterly at 40 000 feet at that altitude officials say they did fear this unknown.

Object posed a risk to civilian flights because commercial planes typically fly between 30 to 42 000 feet there was a reasonable concern that this could present a present a threat to or a potential Hazard to civilian air traffic officials say two pilots and f-22s were determined the object had no pilot Island and they did not see the kind of.

Surveillance equipment attached to the Chinese spy balloon that is being recovered and studied was its appearance like the Chinese aircraft no it was it was much much smaller than the Spy balloon that we took down last Saturday another big difference duration the Chinese spy balloon was shot down 8 days after the U.S government first detected.

It while this time spotting to shoot down was about 24 hours in the wake of Republican criticism that the President should have moved sooner to stop the China incursion complaints he rejects saying the military acted when it was safest so Kelly what is the status of the recovery efforts for this object well the search has begun Lester and.

Officials say this latest object went down over Frozen Alaska water so they think it will be recoverable and may provide much needed answers and regarding the Chinese balloon shutdown last weekend today the Pentagon said they located a significant amount of debris on the ocean floor off South Carolina and expect that to be very.

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