‘Unidentified object’: Four objects shot down from sky in eight days, US officers teach


One object was taken out today another yesterday this brings the total to four in the last eight days a U.S military jet brought down the latest one over Lake Huron this afternoon that lake is on the border between Michigan and Ontario Canada f-16s from the Wisconsin Air National Guard shot down the object the debris.

Landed in Canadian Waters and now U.S and Canadian crews are working to recover it now another object was shot down over the Yukon in Canada yesterday that one was first detected Friday night President Biden worked with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and gave the green light for a U.S F-22 fighter jet to take that one out today Trudeau.

Thanked the U.S and NORAD for watching over North America I also spoke with President Biden and confirmed together that we will continue to do everything necessary to protect the sovereignty of our of our shared North American airspace a similar object was taken out over Alaska Friday the military and FBI are.

Working to recover debris there but it's going to be difficult because it was shot down in a frigid remote area remember this all began with that Chinese spy balloon that drifted across the country before it was shot down off the coast of South Carolina eight days ago the military located some key pieces of the wreckage at the bottom of the.

Atlantic and the FBI is now analyzing it the head of NORAD says part of the reason for these repeated shootdowns is a heightened alert following that first incident the chairman of the house Foreign Affairs committee says that big balloon sent a provocative message to the United States Congressman Michael McCall whose District stretches from.

Austin to Hous ton was on inside Texas politics this morning and he talked about how the U.S jammed the balloon's communications as it crossed the country my understanding is we did Jam the communications which is important right they can't signal back to the Mothership in Beijing uh but then what was allowed to operate at the same time and uh why.

Wasn't it shot down at the beginning McCall says he will hold hearings on China and why these objects have been allowed to enter U.S airspace you can see this full interview on wfaa.com we are hearing a lot about NORAD right now it is the North American Aerospace Defense command what does it do well it is a bi-national organization operated.

By the U.S and Canada it monitors man-made objects in space Like Satellites but it's also responsible for detecting validating and warning against attacks by aircraft or missiles NORAD uses a network of satellites radar and fighter jets to detect intercept and if necessary engage with threats to North America.

Clear answers about exactly what is happening and where these objects are coming from are pretty hard to come by right now we did turn to a Dallas woman who was once in the CIA she was also an FBI agent specializing in Chinese counterintelligence she is not concerned about any imminent physical danger in the U.S but she is.

Uneasy over a Slowdown in communication with China you know the first time they were very you know regretful they expressed a lot of regret and now they've really taken this hardened response of not taking our calls not taking meetings with us so I am concerned because one of the things that the CIA that you want to try to do.

Is is Gage you know what are the what is potentially a hostile Nation doing what is the response going to be what kind of activities is is going on is is Chatter increasing decreasing those kinds of things but right now we're in a very confusing state

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