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Marjorie Taylor green aims to be Trump's VP pick in 2024. she sees herself on the short list for Trump's VP said former Trump Aid Steve Bannon who has spoken with green representative Marjorie Taylor green Republican Georgia is angling to be Donald Trump's running mate in 2024. according to two people who have spoken.

To the Firebrand second term congresswoman about her ambitions this is no shrinking pilot she is ambitious she's not shy about that nor should she be said Steve Bannon the former top Trump aide who hosts the bannon's War Room podcast on which green has been a guest she sees herself on the short list for.

Trump's VP paraphrasing koki Roberts when MTG looks in the mirror she sees a potential president smiling back he added in an interview referring to Roberts the late political reporter who worked for NPR ABC News and other outlets a Second Source who has advised green said her old vision is to be vice.

President The Source who has ties to Trump and spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations said he also believes green would be on Trump's short list that goal is at the heart of Green's recent efforts to Rebrand herself as a politician who can stand astride the.

Divide between the party's hardliners and its establishment Wing the sources said it also helps explain why she threw herself into helping elect representative Kevin McCarthy Republican California speaker of the house after the midterm elections and took assignments on two committees Homeland.

Security and oversight and accountability where she can participate in high-profile investigations of President Joe Biden's Administration McCarthy also chose her to be part of the panel investigating how the government handled the covid-19 pandemic her push for McCarthy alienated some of her allies in the House Freedom caucus.

And like-minded conservative activists but that was a calculated risk Bannon said she's both strategic and disciplined she made a power move knowing it would run up hard against her most Ardent Crew He said she was prepared to take the intense heat slash hatred short term for the.

Long-term goal of being a player Trump has not publicly given any indication that he is seriously considering a vice presidential pick this early in the process and AIDS did not respond to inquiries about Green's chances of ending up on a trump ticket congresswoman green is laser focused on serving the people of Northwest Georgia.

On her new committees in the GOP majority green spokesman Nick Dyer said by text message her work on oversight Homeland Security and the coveted select committee is her priority and people shouldn't get wrapped up into rumors Trump and his two-time running mate former vice president Mike Pence had a falling out.

Over Pence's pass at trying to overturn their 2020 defeat and Trump's refusal to immediately call off supporters who ransacked the capital searched for Pence and chanted for him to be hanged on January 6 2021 Trump the only announced 2024 candidate for president in either party has struggled to get his campaign off the.

Ground since it launched in November he plans to travel Saturday to New Hampshire and South Carolina two early primary States and he remains the favorite to win the GOP nomination in National polling over the course of two campaigns for Congress and a little more than two years in the house green has become one of the chamber's most.

Prodigious money raisers one of its highest profile figures and a pariah to many of her colleagues in the 2022 midterm election cycle green collected just short a 12.5 million dollars placing her in the top 10 of all house candidates according to the Center for responsive politics open Secrets tally.

Her pension for bombastic rhetoric is at the root of both her Superior fundraising skills and her alienation of fellow lawmakers Trump voters have reveled in her ability to agitate the Washington establishment and progressives but her tolerance for violent rhetoric about representative Nancy Pelosi.

Democrat California who was house Speaker during Green's first term and her Embrace of conspiracy theories involving supposed Jewish space lasers starting a California wildfire and Muslim Converse women's not being legitimately sworn in were too extreme for some lawmakers in both parties in February 2021 the house then.

Controlled by democrats voted to remove Green from legislative committees as punishment for conduct she has exhibited that fellow lawmakers found detrimental to the reputation of Congress 11 Republican moderates joined all of the Democrats in voting to strip her of seats on the budget committee and the education and labor committee McCarthy.

Stood by Green at the time facilitating the development of a political Alliance with Republicans having taken control of Congress this month the mccarthy-led GOP steering committee placed green on two panels that will give her a platform to attack Biden who is expected to seek re-election Trump and Facebook's Mutual decay.

This afternoon meta announced that it will soon reinstate Donald Trump's account after a two-year suspension from Facebook and Instagram the former president was de-platformed after his posts were deemed to have incited or at the very least encouraged the January 6th insurrection but according to Nick Clegg the.

Company's president of global Affairs the public safety risk that triggered the punishment has sufficiently receded the poster in Chief can post once again any story that involves Facebook Donald Trump and the context of a fail coup attempt is by nature controversial giving Trump this megaphone back for his 2024 campaign is particularly thorny the.

Former president has offered zero evidence that he changed during his social media exile he may still use Facebook and Instagram to lie for reasons big and small as well as to whip a partisan resentment and even violence should it suit his needs if anything his post on his own network trues social seemed to suggest a man.

Whose online engagement has become more erratic angry and conspiratorial one report shows that he has Amplified Q Anon promoting accounts more than 400 times since launching the platform and yet there is something underwhelming stale even about the news the story of Trump's de-platforming feels cryogenically frozen a 2020.

Narrative that seems to have lost part of its relevance now that it's thought out this is partly because close observers of the story anticipated today's development in 2021 after a ruling from its independent oversight board Facebook announced that Trump's suspension would be lifted after two years external factors permitting the.

Company said at the time that it would assess instances of violence restrictions on Peaceful assembly and other markers of civil unrest and some of the Thunder was stolen by Twitter which reinstated his account late last year although Trump hasn't resumed posting there is also the mutual decay of both Trump and Facebook each.

Thrives by hijacking attention and monetizing outrage and they've benefited each other the Trump campaign spent millions of dollars on more than 289 000 Facebook ads over the span of just a few months in 2020 according to an analysis by the markup but lately both appear to have lost the juice many people still support Trump.

And many people still use Facebook products but the shine is gone and that matters Facebook's ad business was kneecapped last year by changes Apple made to limit tracking on its devices it faces steep competition from Insurgent apps such as tick tock and there is a sense looking at the.

Company's transparency reports which detail the most popular content on its platform that Facebook has become a vast Wasteland of recycled memes and scammy spammy click bait meanwhile Trump's 2024 campaign has been to date almost non-existent his kickoff announcement was roundly mocked as low energy and some cable news networks didn't bother.

To air it in full Trump and his team have been sloppy and clearly grasping for relevance and although I wouldn't downplay the former president's chances in the 2024 contest he certainly doesn't appear as Invincible in primary Politics as he once did in December Florida Governor Ron.

DeSantis beat Trump 52 to 38 percent in a hypothetical matchup among likely Republican voters electoral uncertainties aside there's the plain fact that some around Trump has suggested the man is diminished he has retreated to the golf course and tomorrow Lego his world has gotten much smaller his.

World is so so small one Trump advisor told New York Magazine in December none of this negates the possibility that Trump could return to Facebook and Instagram and abuse his power by posting Q Anon conspiracy theories and attempting to sow chaos Trump's unpredictability has always been part of his power and the wild swings of.

The tech industry over the past several months mean everyone should brace for the unexpected far-right extremism is still a threat across the internet but it's not clear that this reinstatement will matter much in his announcement Clegg argued that the risk to Public Safety has changed in recent.

Years he's right but not just because Trump doesn't have executive power anymore what Clyde can't admit is that there is a second reason the risk profile has changed Facebook's own influence and reputation have receded as well

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