Ukraine’s Zelenskyy ‘no longer ‘ in a gathering with ‘no one’ Putin | USA TODAY


Do you ever wonder what mighthappen if you were in a room alone with President Putin? It's not interesting forme. Not interesting to meet. Not interesting to speak. Uh, why? Why? Because we had meetingwith him in Normandy. It was before thefull-scale invasion. I saw the man who said one thingand then did another. Is it too late now? Too late. Not interesting. Who is he now?.

After full-scale invasion for me? He's nobody, a nobody. A tragedy for all our families. I mean that through Ukraine,because all our children, adults and all of them,they speak about war. They speak about when we willwin, they know it. Exactly. It's better than they know.Uh, better than me, I think. . When you will win the war?.

Yes. They, they will win tomorrow.And it's about our children.

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Zelenskyy ‘no longer ‘ in a gathering with ‘no one’ Putin | USA TODAY

  1. Who cares at this point?! What a scumbag, he ought to be in assembly with Putin as a substitute of conserving issues going for fully no reason. Zelenskyy is escalating the wrestle if one thing else!

  2. Zelensky is a immense leader and I recant any comments from the again talking yard snakes. I am making an allowance for about snakes and I procure they are only and exact emotional toughen animals and worship tails up to me. It's so immense how the snakes include some how taught themselves to face up on there tails and mock me. Kind cute truly that they are posing as americans. I guess right here is one thing I got to pick up extinct to now and pick a take into consideration about at to be as restful and as doable and proper know they’ve there field on this Earth to. And what I essentially steal to hear my well-liked sound within the enviornment when the crocodile/ gator permits the snake to twist around it's ribs in circles and as soon as wrapped within the double circle around the ribs that sound of the crush when the Anaconda pick up it prey.

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