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Joining us this morning CEO of Reach Out technology Rick Jordan there's a lot that we do not know right now I would guess to say that this is an unprecedented situation to see in peace time three objects detected shot down in three days the Pentagon says they don't believe that there is a threat you have Skeptics.

Something's not adding up here there's a lot that's not adding up and there's a there's a couple more things we do know all of these balloons have payloads attached to them which as you said are not able to be recovered right now but they're not calling them balloons I know they're not it's crazy what they're calling them one was even referred to as.

Metal which I metal and composition which I think was the one over the Yukon in Canada and if you take a look the U.S uses balloons as well but we monitor pipelines and weather with those and I know you're saying it's it's peace time right now too but if you look at the Historical relevance of this this is almost cold warish feeling yeah because.

I think you've got people who say it's too much of a coincidence right so you've got the the balloon that we know was you know basically the size of a blimp flying over North America being shot down over the Atlantic military and then within a few days you have these three objects it's the what we don't know that has people concerned has the.

White House and the federal government done enough to ease concern right now over this saying it's not a threat doesn't appear to be enough I'm a full proponent of national security at the same time you said it right there's a classified briefing going on right now so there's got to be something else up that has not been revealed to the.

American public right now you know we take a look at the war in the Ukraine as an example right the West has been supplying arms and we're still shipping arms to the Ukraine we also know that China has been shipping as they say parts right to Russia and which can be used for their military so it's almost like we're in the middle of a proxy war.

With two different countries China's using Russia U.S is using the Ukraine and those two countries are going at it if you also take a look at things like the the new start treaty where we had nuclear armaments reduced an agreement between the US and Russia China we've been trying to bring them to the table for years over that and the last thing.

We do know is these exact type of balloons I see it on the screen in there right now in 2017 and 2018 China successfully tested kinetic weapons from these both EMP and missiles so that we're curious because these UFOs if you want to call them that were flying over we've at least had that much confirmed by the United States government they.

Were flying over strategic military installations and we also know China is ramping up the nuclear Arsenal right now right and calling America hypocritical because of surveillance Gathering there so how does the White House how does the Pentagon balance the Public's desire to know other than saying we don't believe these are aliens with the need to.

Protect National Security understand and recognize the threat and protect our defense yeah I think there's been a good amount of transparency so far you know if I were to take a middle of the road approach politically on this they've released hey this is why we restricted airspace because we shot these things down you know I think that was maybe.

Blown to bits right when we literally saw the first one as we got it right there that was a great timing by the way to see that you know it's a little difficult to retract what our military is doing when that's very visible to them let me ask you this Rick should the president get out in front of the American public and address this at face.

Value here's what we know here's what we're doing a resounding yes I'm surprised there has not been a presidential briefing yet with these and that's another thing it's like what's he doing at the moment you know is there something that he's weighing so some further action which of course it's a presidential prerogative at the same.

Time there's a lot of unrest with this I mean the questions I get being in the cyber security field are hey is this opposed to National cyber security the balloons the UFOs they're really not right the capabilities in the Taiwanese government even warned us of like hey Skip the balloons America the cyber security threats are even greater than.

That which we can see but we've got the kinetic side for weaponry and we have the Cyber side for Weaponry both we've seen very much in active use in the Ukraine as an example really interesting conversation uh pivotal at this point uh for Global Security always good to see you Richard thank you thank you for watching go to newsnationnow.com to find.

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