U.S. to send tanks to Ukrainian navy amid its corruption scandal


Foreign in at 70 tons and arms with a 120 millimeter cannon the M1 Abrams battle tank has long been the Iron Fist of America's Ground Forces and now it's heading to Ukraine after weeks of debate three U.S defense officials tell NBC News the White House will send several dozen American tanks.

To Ukraine's military a shift from last week when officials said the Abrams which runs on jet fuel was too difficult for Ukraine to maintain today's decision made in coordination with NATO allies Germany and Poland who are now expected to send their own leopard tanks to Ukraine according to European media reports The Heavy Armor and answer to.

Ukraine's longtime plea stanks give us more weapon and we will stop this war as quick as we can fighting still raging along a vast front line in eastern Ukraine and officials say Russia is preparing another assault this is what Russian forces did the last time they laid Siege to harkiv and the Ukrainian government is now warning.

Vladimir Putin's forces are regrouping and they may soon try again it comes as president zielinski shakes up his government amid high-level corruption allegations his Deputy Chief of Staff resigning today no official reason given but he was linked to an alleged seven million dollar embezzlement of humanitarian Aid a.

Charge he denies also resigning this week a deputy defense minister and five Regional Governors another official arrested after allegedly taking four hundred thousand dollars in cash bribes and here a local police chief allegedly giving his girlfriend a permit to drive in an area usually reserved for emergency vehicles according to the.

National Police he's been suspended Ukraine has long been plagued by corruption Tom pressed another one of zelinski's advisors on corruption last week if there was any type of Scandal if it turned out that some of this money was going to waste or somebody stole the money it could hurt the effort the U.S effort to give Aid to Ukraine what do.

You say to that we understand that you know any risk of any possible fraud is an issue of concern and trust me that right now we are living in a country which is transforming itself on a daily basis because of the war because we are losing our people president zelenski tonight fighting a war on two fronts one against Russia's military and another.

Against corruption at home Anton those several dozen American tanks will be a formidable fighting force but it's not clear when they're actually going to reach the battlefield the real power of this decision is it gives political cover for Germany and other NATO allies to send their leopard tanks to Ukraine and they're about 2 000 of those in.

Europe already that could be on the battlefield soon thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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  1. There won't be any Abraham tanks in Ukraine, it wud be an almighty P.R catastrophe for the yank fingers industry to see the general smoking Caucasus of freshly melted yank tanks on the battlefield for the general world to see

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