U.S. Teach Department superior discusses most up-to-date sanctions against Russia for war in Ukraine


It has been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine and this morning the United States announced additional sanctions against Moscow and more support for Kiev here to discuss is badan Patel he's the principal Deputy spokesperson for the U.S Department of State thanks for joining us thanks so much for having me so tell us.

About these new sanctions announced today and will they really what kind of an impact do you expect that they will have well I think they're going to continue to have a very dire effect on the Russian economy over the course of this entire conflict you have seen the U.S sanctions in our export controls have a.

Concrete impact we're seeing multinational corporations choose to leave doing business in Russia you're seeing Russian GDP shrink and this is uh you have to remember combined and part of our overall assistance which you saw President Biden announce a major Security package early this week standing next to president zielinski and.

So one year later our commitment to our Ukrainian Partners endures um so as you know China has released sort of a nine point plan to bring this war to an end but at the same time the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Biden Administration is considering releasing intelligence that would show that China may actually be thinking.

About or considering supplying Russia with weapons um how big of a concern is China it's trying to present itself as a neutral party but you know I I don't think many people believe that at this point that that's a that's absolutely right and you what you have to remember is that it was about a year ago at this.

Time where you saw President Putin and president XI discussed their uh partnership Without Limits and so of course uh uh China providing lethal assistance uh to Russia would be of great concern and you saw the secretary blinken raise this directly uh with State councilor Wang Yi on the margins of the Munich security conference and so.

Uh of course this is something we're going to pay close attention to and uh China cannot have it two ways uh you know it publicly trying to portray itself as some kind of neutral party uh but on the other hand uh not only just playing up Russian disinformation as it relates to the conflict in Ukraine uh but also as we know it currently.

Providing uh non-lethal uh Aid as well the United Nations security Council as you know is meeting later today last night the U.N voted overwhelmingly to call for an end to this war they called for Russia specifically to end this War China was one of the 32 countries that abstained from boating as Ann Marie was pointing out so again as Emory says you.

Know you've got on one hand China saying that they want the war to end but they actually won't put pen to paper uh and put it in writing that's absolutely right and I think an important uh thing to remember here is uh again China over the course of this conflict has seemingly wanted to have it both ways uh on one hand uh trying to.

Remain neutral and pushing for peace but while also uh trying to uh provide this non-lethal assistance and pushing the Russian disinformation uh let's remember that uh one year later the Crux of this conflict has not changed we have one country Russia trying to erase the borders of another country Ukraine and the conflict could end very simply.

Russia could leave it could withdraw its military forces and assets from Ukrainian territory that could happen today and this conflict could be over um I want to talk to you about something else still related to China though the U.S is planning to increase the number of troops that it has in Taiwan amid concerns over China and it's quite a.

Ramping up we're talking about you several hundreds of troops arriving there first why is this happening now and what sort of impact is what's the messaging that that the administration is trying to send to Beijing well the important thing to remember here is that first I I will let my colleagues at the Pentagon in the dod.

Speak to any uh operational updates as it relates to True posture but uh over the course of this Administration our commitment to Taiwan has been rock solid uh and the maintenance of Peace along the Taiwan Strait were a significant amount of the world's trade and commerce flows through that is something of utmost importance to the United States.

And we are always going to take steps and assess the situation in a way we can uh take tangible strides towards maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait another important thing to remember here though is that our One China policy and our uh our our look on that has not changed either uh vedant Patel thank you so much.

Thanks for having me

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  1. CBS “Expert” mentions “Russian Disinformation”. I disclose he in actuality intended CBS making *disinformation*. Does anyone take into accout in leisurely March 2022 where Russian Officers had been visiting China and the US swiftly made a vogue of “Russia visiting China to inquire of for Militia Abet and Bewitch tanks and ammo since Russia ran out of ammo and drones”… That was DISINFORMATION on CBS' part… So describe us one correct reason on WHY we can comprise to smooth imagine you?You're lying in regards to the Russian economic system being “in shambles”.. The Russian Economy is doing better than it was Pre-Battle… I disclose you guys are appropriate too jumpy to admit it.. Operation Mockingbird anyone?

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