U.S. officials insist China is serious about sending weapon to Russia amid battle with Ukraine


All right so meanwhile U.S officials say China is considering giving weapons to Russia to help aid moscow's invasion of Ukraine although no weapons have been delivered yet concerned in Washington remains High former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice addressed that issue on Face the Nation yesterday it is really important that whoever runs.

For president of the United States understands the essence of this conflict the fact that we are defending not just Ukrainian Independence but we're defecting a rule we are defending A rules-based system that says might doesn't make right you can't just extinguish your neighbor and oh by the way for those who would say oh we ought.

To be concentrating on the indo-pacific because China is really our adversary Xi Jinping is telling you what he thinks about that because he is not only watching what is going on in Ukraine according to our intelligence apparently he's even considering getting in on the side of the Russians so Isaac stonefish is here in studio 57.

With us with a little bit of analysis on this he's a CBS News contributor and founder and CEO of strategy risks a China focused research firm thanks for joining us what do you think of what Condoleezza Rice had to say I think China is already in on the side of the Russians and we're drawing this line about lethal Aid and we're forgetting.

The roughly 200 billion dollars of trade that China had with Russia last year what about trade with the United States Russia's trade with the United States is insignificant China's trade with the United States is massive and I met China yeah yeah and it does make it much more difficult for U.S corporations and U.S corporate interests to push back against.

China because of the deep entwining of our two economies even after what was supposed to be a period of decoupling so what's in it for China I mean wouldn't it make more sense to sort of sit back and let the West do what the West is going to do so that because obviously and this is the point I think some are making you.

Know while our attention is focused on what's happening in Ukraine perhaps China can see opportunities in the indo-pacific region that the United States is not paying attention they might think of course we know that our presence is incredibly robust in that part of the world not only in Japan and in South Korea but even in Taiwan but.

Still why not just sort of sit back and let the two go at it without getting involved I think that's exactly right that's what Beijing wants the world to think it's doing it wants people to think that it's sitting on the sideline that it wants peace that it's promoting a peace plan while at the same time it is very much on the side of Russia.

Because it's in beijing's interests for Russia to enmesh the West in a war in the west so that it frees up Beijing too if it so chooses try to take the island of Taiwan by force do we know anything about the relationship between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin I mean do these two men have a close relationship do they like each other or is this just.

About sort of strategy and the the their own personal desires on the one hand who knows on the other hand you've got to imagine there's a lot of resentment between the both of them Putin needs she and that's a really uncomfortable position to be in when you think you're someone like Putin and she probably looks quite dismissively towards Putin.

And quite enjoys that but I can't imagine Putin feels very good about it but that's a limitless partnership or whatever the phr ase was yeah but you're it's such an interesting point because here you have from all reporting both CBS and otherwise this notion that Vladimir Putin wants to reconstitute the Soviet Union where he sees that era of.

Soviet the Soviet era as the greatest in Russia's history and yet you're reliant on a country who at the time the Allied Powers Drew up the world map in 1945 China was still sort of a not the player that it is today and now you see where I'm going here right like you're you're not anywhere near if you're relying on another partner who.

May be seen as more powerful than you Chairman Mao had so much resentment towards Stalin for being the big brother in the worldwide communism movement so if Putin does actually want to do this he would have to be the little brother to Xi Jinping and that would be very satisfying to she fascinating so you know China also sort.

Of put forth this 12 point plan for peace is anyone taking that seriously Chinese media Outlets do you find it a very compelling they are definitely applauding it unless the risk of ending up somewhere you don't want to be uh but that's it I guess and some other very leftist news outlets around the world but no one is.

Seriously sincere zielinski that president of Ukraine is trying to use this as yes we would love to have you involved China please meet with me to talk about it Xi Jinping has so far resisted doing that he can say yes I would like to meet wozlinski have a phone call with zonski and that would prove a lot of what I'm.

Saying wrong that would show that oh Okay Beijing actually does want to stop this war until he does that be very very skeptical so at the end of the day I mean you made you said something interesting you said that if the United States and its allies are enmeshed in this war happening in the west that this might give China an opportunity to do.

What it intends to do with Taiwan or what people believe it intends to do with Taiwan is that realistic I mean does China really want to risk a a global war not a regional War over an issue of of a territory that they believe belongs to them I mean possibly yes they do seem willing to risk World War III to take Taiwan and what Beijing.

Is trying to do is say listen Russia's invasion of Ukraine these are two countries we're not involved China's invasion of Taiwan well no one recognizes Taiwan 14 countries do this is a domestic issue so this should be seen as a regional conflict or a Civil War as opposed to an actual global war and what the U.S and Japan are really.

Trying to do is say no Taiwan is de facto independent and we will act and we will act militarily to defend Taiwan in the case of a Chinese Invasion to hopefully deter Beijing from doing that it is so troubling and I and I wonder uh Isaac should that happen what does the I mean you've got the U.N the permanent members of the security Council of which.

China and Russia are members of if what you're suggesting comes to pass that old world order should technically be done and go away yes it's hard to imagine the UN playing a forceful role in world war three it the UN Works outside of global Wars it doesn't work inside Global Wars and so yeah I think it would be a pretty irrelevant.

Organization if China were to invade Taiwan and then the United States and Japan get involved in that war wow wow okay disturbing uh Isaac stonefish always great to have you for your analysis thank you very much thank you

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