U.S. navy shoots down unknown object over Michigan


Yeah good morning Andrew a U.S F-16 fighter jet fired a single Sidewinder missile at 2 42 p.m Sunday dropping the unknown object into Michigan's Lake Huron so far at least there's no explanation from the military of what exactly this object was other than a description that officials provided of an octagonal object with strings hanging.

From it but with they said no discernible payload it was traveling at an altitude of about 20 000 feet now the military is expected to try to recover the object from The Frigid lake waters in the coming days this unprecedented Spate of encounters began on February 4th when a U.S F-22 Raptor shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon off the.

Coast of South Carolina then on Friday the U.S military shot down what they called a high altitude object in Alaskan airspace the White House described that object as flying at an altitude of roughly forty thousand feet and as roughly the same size as a small car are then on Saturday the U.S fighter jet shot down a second unidentified object.

Over Canada it's not clear where these latest three objects came from who sent them or what their intent was but it does seem clear that the White House will now be under a lot of pressure to provide some answers as the week goes on Andrew back over to you okay uh Eamon thank you we were talking obviously to Eunice earlier just about what if if.

There's an inflection point here in terms of escalation and what you're hearing well look at this point we don't know that the latest three objects were Chinese they could have been somebody else's objects you know there was this moment yesterday where a pentagon official North com official was asked.

Whether this could be extraterrestrial and said you know they're not ruling that out we saw spokespeople back off of that uh later and saying there's no evidence that these are alien but when you're throwing aliens into the conversation you're clearly considering just about every possibility out there so until they can pin this specifically.

On the Chinese government it's sort of hard to have a diplomatic reaction vis-a-vis the Chinese government which is saying it has no information on the other three unidentified objects they say that the first object was a weather balloon that just errantly strayed into U.S airspace the United States government doesn't buy that story on the.

First object the last three objects though seem to be a total mystery Ender now it's going to depend on U.S and Canadian Crews getting up into the Northern Territories where those objects were shot down to try to recover some of the wreckage agency just what the heck this thing was and then presumably some crew is going to have to go diving in.

Lake Huron which is very cold this time of year to see if they can fish that thing out of the water and figure out what that one was if they were all through the same and where they came from

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