U.S. hits debt restrict, models stage for political strive in opposition to


Buckle up kids the U.S just hit its debt limit and the stage is now set for a major partisan battle in Washington today treasury secretary Janet Yellen told house Speaker Kevin McCarthy extraordinary steps are now underway so the U.S can keep paying its debts until early June but she urged Congress to act promptly to protect the full faith and.

Credit of the United States that means an increase in the debt ceiling which Republicans will not agree to without spending cuts but the White House says not a chance President Biden didn't mention the issue as he toured storm damage in California earlier today but he did talk about the classified material found in his home and office.

They were his first remarks about the documents since the special counsel was named foreign a handful of documents were failed of or filed in the wrong place we immediately turned them over to the archives and justice department we're fully cooperating looking forward to getting this resolved quickly I think.

You're going to find there's nothing there I have no regrets I'm following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do it's exactly what we're doing there's no there there there's also big news tonight in another important investigation late today the Supreme Court said it had not found whoever leaked a draft of the opinion.

Overturning Roe versus Wade the official who investigated said 97 Court employees who were interviewed denied leaking the document but several did admit they talked to their spouses about the draft foreign

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