U.S. fighter jet shot down unidentified object in northern Canada


Tonight Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing a U.S fighter jet took out an unidentified object over the Yukon scrambling both Canadian and U.S aircraft after coordinating with President Biden Saturday afternoon just one day after another unidentified object was shot down over Alaskan Waters with recovery efforts underway in the.

Arctic and more questions and answers about who owned it why it was there and what capabilities it may have had we don't have any information that would confirm a stated purpose for this object President Biden ordered U.S fighter jets to take it out with a missile just hours after learning about it but already some key differences emerging with the.

Chinese balloon blasted out of the sky a week ago first in size it was much much smaller than the Spy balloon that we took down last Saturday closer to a small car versus the Chinese spy balloon which was 200 feet tall with a satellite on the bottom as large as a Regional Jet the unmanned object Friday was also taken down much faster about 24 hours.

After first being detected compared to the eight-day journey the balloon took before being hit over the Atlantic and then there's the elevation the object was flying at an altitude of 40 000 feet and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of Civilian flight much lower than the Chinese balloon parts of which are still being recovered.

Off the coast of South Carolina we have located a significant amount of debris so far that will prove helpful to our further understanding of this balloon and its surveillance capabilities the retrieval efforts in Alaska Complicated by treacherous conditions with searches being done through ice and snow.

Part of the mystery if it's not another balloon what could it be and from where I think it's more likely to be harmless than a uh active Chinese intelligence collection effort raising questions about U.S protocol for other similar objects in the sky on a given day there are tens of thousands of flying objects that This Magnificent U.S Canadian NORAD.

Tracks tries to decide are they a threat or an anomaly and Monica joins us from the White House Monica we're getting new details about the object shot down over Northern Canada today yeah President Biden was first briefed on that yesterday afternoon ultimately authorizing the operation today but a White House.

Official tells me the object's origin and size are still unknown Jose thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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