U.S. Border Patrol sees rise in egg interceptions amid soaring costs


A Crackdown in an unexpected Contraband at the southern border crate after crate full of chicken eggs confiscated so I'm going the extra mile to get their hands on a carton all due to high demand and Rising prices for The Culinary staple it shouldn't be such a struggle to pull together a meal the spike in egg costs are now pushing some to go across the.

Border a move that's been banned for more than a decade due to the risk of avian flu in South Texas alone U.S border Patrol reports a 300 percent increase in raw eggs intercepted with seizures ranging from 86 eggs at a time to nearly 350 and in San Diego the Customs team sending out a reminder that failure to declare agriculture items.

Like uncooked eggs can result in penalties of up to ten thousand dollars but border patrol says at times some Travelers simply aren't aware that they can't enter the U.S with raw eggs and that moderate amounts could lead to a penal T that ranges anywhere from 300 to a thousand dollars so we talked about inflation driving up the cost of.

Groceries for a while now but that is not exactly what's Happening Here egg prices continue to climb even though inflation has leveled off but they're such a Mainstay for American tables egg hunts like these are likely to continue the average price for a dozen eggs hit 425 last month up from 1.72 a year earlier according to the U.S Bureau of.

Labor Statistics they were 17 for a whole case when we started and now we're paying like 60 bucks a case the eggs are in some places you can find like a 45 50 percent expensive so what's driving these climbing prices bird flu hit Egg Farmers hard nearly 58 million birds were killed last year to.

Stop the virus from spreading according to the USDA and the majority were egg laying hints that led the U.S AG inventory to drop nearly 30 percent by the end of last year good brands for three dollars I mean 50 cents or not anymore many now hoping for those simpler times when eggs were just Cheaper by the Dozen.

So when will this spike in prices and that is the key question some experts say it will likely continue at least through the first quarter of this year but it's hard to tell exactly when it will clear up because this hasn't happened in a while this recent bout of bird flu is the worst scene since 2015. so how long will it take the AG industry.

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