U.S. 9-one year-worn girl, TV news staffer amongst 3 killed in Orlando shootings


we begin with a developing story this man the one in the middle of your screen smirking as he's escorted by deputies is the person investigators say murdered an Orlando TV reporter a woman and a little girl two other people are critically wounded and in the hospital the shooting spree.

Spanned hours and three different scenes cbs4's Naja Sherman is live in The Newsroom with the latest Naja Lauren and Elliott and Orlando news crew is out doing what we all do every day covering a story and that's when the suspect walked up to their unmarked news vehicle and shot them he then continued to take more lives.

This is the suspect in the case 19-year-old Keith Moses the Orange County Sheriff's Office says he allegedly shot and killed two people including an Orlando reporter and nine-year-old girl and Pine Hills outside of Orlando a local Orlando news crew reporting their personal loss on live TV as the sheriff has just.

Confirmed one of our Spectrum News 13 family members has died another is in critical condition after shooting the Spectrum news journalists the Sheriff's Office says Moses went to a home where he shot a mother and her nine-year-old the nine-year-old also died the mother is in critical condition another news crew tried to give CPR to the Spectrum.

13 journalists until emergency responders arrived another local reporter breaking down as she processed the tragic news about her colleague and friend there are people here who knew that reporter who his fiancee and I were just embracing um but I I will say this it is nice to see all the media we come.

Together in solidarity in this moment this is every reporter's absolutely worst nightmare deputies initially responded to the Pine Hills area just outside of downtown Orlando on Wednesday morning following reports of a woman in her 20s being shot the journalists were at the scene covering the story when Moses allegedly returned.

To the scene and shot more victims Spectrum news 13's parent company Charter Communications released the following statement saying we are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague and the other lives senselessly taken today Moses is already facing a murder charge for the initial victim and charges are expected soon for the other.

Four victims he is being formally charged in the murder from this morning and we expect additional charges for the shootings of the four people this afternoon the Sheriff's Office tweeted this picture of Moses as they took him into custody he appears to have a smirk on his face Moses was allegedly arrested while armed with a firearm authorities.

Believe it will link him to the other shootings the Sheriff's Office says Moses was an acquaintance of the woman this morning but as far as they know he had no connection to the reporters and no connection to the mother and the nine-year-old but this is tough for everyone involved and the journalism.

Community tonight live in The Newsroom Naja Sherman cbs4 news

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