Tucker: We were attacked for asking questions about this


So before the war in Ukraine even began both Toria Newlin at the state department the number two of the state department and Joe Biden threatened to blow up the nordstream pipeline watch I want to be clear with you today if Russia invades Ukraine one way or another Nordstrom two will not move forward if Russia invades that means.

Tanks or troops Crossing the the border of Ukraine again then there will be we there will be no longer a Norse team too we we will bring it into it would you but how would you how will you do that exactly since the project and control of the project is within Germany's controls we will uh I promise you we'll be able.

To do it so then the pipelines actually blew up these pipelines that bring natural gas from Eastern Europe to Western Europe to keep the European economy going and they exploded causing the single largest human-caused environmental disastery in all of history and again setting Europe on the road to actual poverty.

So it was an unpopular event and Joe Biden denied any responsibility in fact he blamed Russia Joe Biden and his whole Administration told us that somehow Russia for reasons they never made clear just because their evil had sabotaged their own energy pipeline watch this it was a deliberate Act of sabotage and now the Russians are pumping out.

Disinformation and lies so that was in September and it was obvious from the very first day well that's not true it's not that Vladimir Putin is too good a person to blow up Nordstrom but like why would he it only hurts him and by the way it really hurts Western Europe but a lot of media Outlets repeated that lie dutifully.

That's what they do and attacked us as Putin Stooges for having questions about it well we know a lot more now there have been a number of official investigations of what happened and not one has found any evidence of Russian involvement and now we have the actual answer to what happened oh the bite Administration did it for real.

Investigative reporter Seymour Hirsch who's been around for more than 50 years just wrote a piece on sub stack that includes this quote last June the Navy divers U.S Navy divers operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise known as ball tops 22 planted remotely triggered explosives that three months later.

Destroyed three of the four Nordstrom pipelines according to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning now this piece continues it's probably the most comprehensive news story you will read this year Seymour Hersh on substack you should read it and it recounts in detail meetings with the National Security.

Advisor at the White House where this was planned exactly what explosives were used how they were triggered by what aircraft on what day so many details in here that it is not possible that it's not true it is true and in fact no one on a high level in the US government is denying it with any specificity and said the White House is.

Just dismissing this utterly false and no reporters are following up on this is that amazing Aaron mate is following up on it he's with the gray Zone he joins us tonight Aaron I I don't remember the last time I saw a story this well reported it wasn't in the New York Times Hershey's former employer they wouldn't have run it but.

The fact that nobody at the White House briefing today even asked about this story makes me think we are becoming North Korea Tucker this is a case where you have the motive uh the U.S has long been trying to stop the Nordstrom too because as Cyrus's story points out the US has recognized that if Nordstrom 2 goes.

Online that would make it a lot more difficult for the U.S to wage a proxy war against Russia because Germany will not want to be on board with cutting off its source of cheap energy so the U.S found an answer to that problem they blew it up and it's interesting Hirsch reports that the planning for this operation began in late 2021 and that's.

When Russian forces were messing on the border of Ukraine and there was a threat of the invasion but something else happened Russia in that same month of December 2021 when planning was underway at the White House to blow up Nordstrom too Russia also submitted draft treaties to the U.S and NATO laying out detailed proposals for the U.S NATO to resolve.

Their issues to roll back NATO military infrastructure in States surrounding Russia now we know what happened to that because the U.S rejected it wouldn't even discuss the core issue of Ukraine not joining NATO instead the U.S chose to basically let the Russian invasion happen and then when that happened proceeded to engage in this operation to.

Blow up Nordstrom too and they've made no secret about their Embrace of this uh the day after the Nordstrom 2 was sabotaged Anthony blinken declared that this was a tremendous strategic opportunity and most recently you've covered this Victoria Newlin testified in Congress that she is grateful along with the White House that the Nordstrom.

2 is now a Hulk of metal at the bottom of the sea I mean NATO is a coalition of European powers led by the United States the United States just wrecked their economies I don't see how NATO stays together after this I I don't but I mean what do I know um air matte I hope you'll come back thank you subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch.

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