Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 section on Fox News sparks bipartisan danger | USA TODAY


Millions of Americans tuned into oneof the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable televisionwith contempt for the facts, disregarded the risks, and knowingfull well he was lying to his audience. Fox News host Tucker Carlson rana lengthy segment arguing the January 6th Capitol attack wasnot a violent insurrection. By diving deep into the waters ofconspiracy and cherry picking from thousands of hours of security footage, Mr. Carlson told the bold-facedlie that the capitol attack, which we all saw with her own eyes,was somehow not an attack at all.

My recollection of the dayis that it was not just some rowdy, peaceful protest of BoyScouts, nor was it, you know, the, uh, the take down of democracy that otherson the extreme side want to call it. Um, I think people that participatedin it should be held to account. I think people that let it should beespecially held in, held to account. I think that breaking through glasswindows and doors to get into the United States capitol against theborders of police is, is a crime. I think particularly whenyou come into the chambers, when you start opening members' desks,when you stand up in their balcony, to,.

To somehow put that in the samecategory as a, you know, permitted, peaceful protest is, um, is just a lie.

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