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Well here's a really interesting story so five days ago last Wednesday the FAA ordered a ground stop on all air travel in the U.S that meant that not a single commercial or private aircraft was allowed in the Skies over this country that's very serious hard to overstate the serious event actually the last the only other time this country has imposed.

A National Ground stop was after 9 11 the terror attacks 21 years ago so it's a huge deal what happened why did the government ground all the planes so people asked but initially no one seems to know P Buddha judge who runs the transportation department oversees the FAA went on TV to say he was not quite sure.

And then over the next several hours a kind of story emerged the government system that sends messages to Pilots called No Tam had gone down and then the emergency backup system had also gone down now the FAA claimed it first noticed this on Tuesday night when the problem could not be fixed the government issued a ground stop the next.

Morning that's what people the judge said he described the culprit here as quote a damaged database file with no evidence of a Cyber attack so to repeat said people to judge there was no evidence of a Cyber attack it was just your garden variety software snafu some contractor entered the wrong code.

No big deal that's what they said but it was not a very convincing story if you thought about it shutting down all commercial air travel in this country even for a morning is a very serious thing to do U.S airlines haul close to three quarters of a billion people every year air travel is essential it's also.

Potentially dangerous so for a lot of reasons it is imperative that our system works perfectly but one day our system just shut down for no real reason is that what you're telling us yes explain Pete put a judge with a straight face now most people seem to think this was.

Fine we were not entirely convinced and then the next day last Thursday we noticed that virtually the same thing happened in Canada well that was very strange because the U.S and Canada have separate Aviation authorities they're different countries and each country uses its own software to Route their planes the systems are.

Not linked to each other and yet 24 hours after our countries know tem system went down Canada's no temp system went down also according to Canadian government its system quote experienced an outage really what are the odds of that and then we remembered that on New.

Year's Day two weeks ago something similar happened in the Philippines its air traffic control system also went down for a time no aircraft were allowed in Philippine airspace thousands of flights over Asia had to be rerouted which is expensive and dangerous potentially now this was also they told us at the.

Time some sort of minor technical problem that we should not worry about calm down everything's fine but is everything fun or is it possible that somebody is hacking into Aviation systems and holding various governments around the world hostage until they pay a ransom well yes it's entirely possible in fact.

For example in the summer of 2020 UCSF medical school paid more than a million dollars in Bitcoin and they paid it in order to get access to their own computers which had been frozen by hackers they were held up for ransom so what if the same people are similar people just did something very much like that to the FAA.

And then to the government in Canada and also the government of the Philippines now if that were actually happening the bite Administration would never tell us in a million years they would lie about it like they lie about everything else they would have mayor Pete claim it was a software glitch from a contractor and they would lie to us because they.

Would not want us to know that they had been so utterly Reckless and negligent and distracted by Equity concerns that they had allowed some foreign hostile group to take control of our FAA but the LIE could only cover so much because there would be signs of it almost all ransoms like this are paid in Bitcoin so if the U.S government was.

Buying huge amounts of Bitcoin in order to pay a ransom Bitcoin prices would surge of course so the question is has that happened oh yes it has happened since the Nationwide ground stop last Thursday the price of Bitcoin has shot up about 20 percent.

Is that a coincidence we asked Pete Buddha judge to come on the show tonight to let us know unfortunately he did not respond to our request so we'll keep asking subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly opens stories that are changing the world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson.


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