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Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight East Palestine Ohio sits directly on the border of Pennsylvania it's just feet away so anything significant that happens there in East Palestine say a toxic mushroom cloud Rising thousands of feet over the town is certain to affect the state next door and that's why three days after a Train.

Derailed there spilling a great volume of dangerous chemicals onto the ground and into the water Josh Shapiro the governor of Pennsylvania held a press conference about it Shapiro announced that authorities had decided to set those chemicals on fire and that was a very good thing no one should be unduly alarmed the burning of these chemicals.

Shapiro said had gone quote as planned officials on the scene meanwhile declared the burn quote perfect Mike dewine the governor of Ohio agreed with all of this the people in charge the railroads engineers and the state officials overseeing them had everything under control so two days later evacuation orders for.

Residents were officially lifted both in East Palestine and over the Border in Pennsylvania that was last week in the subsequent days a lot of people have wondered out loud was it really a wise decision to light thousands of gallons of vinyl chloride on fire releasing a World War One era bio weapon into the air over a populated area was.

That a good call and was it really safe two days later for people to go back to their homes and if it was safe how do we know that is anyone in charge actually monitoring with any accuracy the level of deadly chemicals in the air ground in water in and around East Palestine well no apparently nobody is.

And that's highly upsetting when you think about it talk about a failure at all levels the first duty of government is to protect its citizens so it's bad and it's very bad news for reckless politicians like Josh Shapiro and Mike dewine who may have helped make this disaster much worse.

So tonight both dewine and Shapiro are desperately trying to revise their previous statements about the so-called controlled burn both have now decided that the toxic mushroom cloud over East Palestine the one they signed off on and endorsed on television was actually a bad thing it didn't go as planned it wasn't perfect.

And both Governors have now identified the villain here not as themselves no of course not but as the railroad Norfolk Southern both are considering lawsuits against the company in an act of amazingly Brazen butt covering Josh Shapiro even wrote a letter to the White House and the transportation department claiming that.

Norfolk Southern was quote unwilling to explore or articulate alternative courses of action to their proposed vent and burn it was very obvious he says that there was probably a quote safer all overall approach for First Responders residents and the environment that was very obvious it has never said anything about it.

It's remarkable and for the record we are not defending Norfolk Southern here we're only pointing out that Norfolk Southern had these strong endorsement of Josh Shapiro and Mike dewine when it set those chemicals on fire and caused the mushroom cloud and by the way the Biden Administration endorsed it too According to Pete Buddha judge Biden.

Officials were on the scene yet somehow they never said a word about the mushroom cloud until pictures of it evoked outrage on social media and of course they didn't they didn't even notice it had nothing to do with Equity or climate change East Palestine is a poor White Town that voted for Trump so honestly who cares.

No one in the Bible Administration did care and that's an atrocity the people whose indifference made it possible should lose their jobs beginning with people to judge and extending to Governors Josh Shapiro and Mike dewine they didn't care and they got caught not caring even tonight Mike dewine clearly still doesn't care here.

He is insisting everything's fine so if it were your family Governor you'd be okay sending everybody back home yeah look I mean we we indicated that uh we're going to continue to test the air we're going to continue to test the water uh but what that is indicating is that it is is very very safe yes we indicated that.

Kind of a clinical response and a dishonest one because of course Mike dewine is not living in East Palestine and there's no chance of that ever animals in East Palestine are dying by the thousands and you don't need to be a chemist to know that's not a good thing the town has been poisoned residents worry about what's still in the air or.

Soil and Water of their rural community don't tell me it's safe something's going on at the fish are floating in the correct Ohio officials confirming some 3 500 fish died in local Waters in the days after the derailment but insist extensive testing shows there's no threat to other Wildlife or humans they say there's only anecdotal evidence of.

Residents getting sick and no confirmed connection to the Hazardous chemicals aboard the train oh there's only anecdotal evidence also called observed reality maybe Tony fauci will show up soon to lecture us about the science Amanda bashirs will probably not listen she lives there 10 miles from East Palestine in Lima Ohio she says.

That even at Lima rather at that distance burning chemicals smell like chlorine and hurt her eyes and she also says her chickens and this is not a good sign no matter what they say are dying without ex explanation so I walked up to the cage and this this is what I found Amanda Brashears was going to feed her five hens and rooster.

This morning when she discovered them all lifeless practically in the same position with no signs of a predator entering their enclosure I'm beyond upset and quite panicked because this they may be just chickens but they're family Brashear says her chickens were alive and well yesterday she believes the smell following the detonation of.

The train carrying chemicals that derailed in East Palestine is to blame for her Bird's sudden death my video camera footage shows my chickens were perfectly fine before they started this burn and as soon as they started the burn my chicken slowed down and they died if you can do this to chickens in one night imagine what's going to do to.

Us in 20 years so as always if you want to know what people really think ignore what they say words are cheap and people lie watch what they do Mike dewine may say it's safe to be in East Palestine but you'll notice he's not spending the night there one woman who does live there notice that.

Federal officials while assuring everybody everything was fine we're wearing hazmat suits when you watch people that are investigating they all have these giant hazmat suits on but somehow it's safe for people to go back to these homes they only evacuated a mile a mile out-ish.

Anybody outside of that you're kind of on your own if you want to leave you can leave if you want to drink bottled water go for it buy it if you want it you know but it's all on our own dime and this is caused by you know a company who makes billions of dollars and and we're forgotten about so the people who live there obviously.

Want some answers it's totally safe says the guy in the Hazmat suit so residents of East Palestine Center gathered for a town hall the mayor has just told residents that he has not heard from anyone in the White House didn't until yesterday when it started to become a political liability for them mayor also said he has no idea where Pete Buddha.

Judge is tonight subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly opens stories that are changing the world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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