Trump launches 2024 presidential marketing and marketing campaign in Novel Hampshire and South Carolina


Former president Donald Trump launched his 2024 presidential campaign over the weekend with stops in two early primary States He rallied supporters in South Carolina and New Hampshire saying he is more angry and more committed to winning Mr Trump is currently the only Republican candidate officially in the race but a number of his former allies.

Are also considering a run that includes New Hampshire Governor Chris sununu CBS News political director Finn Gomez joins us now to talk about this uh so Finn uh what were the former president's main messages in South Carolina and New Hampshire on Saturday yeah you know uh former president Donald Trump hit the campaign Trail this past Saturday it was.

The first time Vlad since announcing his president presidential bid a week after the the November midterms Trump said he is more angry and more committed to winning before he did also re-up some of his favorite stump issues including his his basis claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election but the former president sought to focus on the.

Policies he enacted during his presidency and that you know he said he was basically saying he was obviously the best representation of the Trump era policies because there were his policies uh something that his his Rivals have been running on on those they're the best ones to to represent those policies but you know Trump also took aim at one.

Of his likely Rivals Florida Governor Rob DeSantis Vlad uh speaking to reporters on on Trump Force One as he calls it Trump made accusations of this loyalty towards uh DeSantis Trump said that uh quote I got him elected Iran would not have been Governor if it wasn't for me he told this to reporters again on on his jet um he also said so.

When that when then when I hear he might run I consider that very disloyal but it's not about loyalty but to me it's it is it's always about loyalty but for a lot of people it's not about loyalty Trump said this um obviously it's a clear shot and really a kickoff to the uh 2024 presidential primary really.

Um in with with these uh with these announcements and going to these early States flat but also taking aim at potential rivals Governor Christina himself and Trump uh yeah Emery he uh the the governor of New Hampshire uh Kristen Nunu who is a popular Republican governor in the granite state he told.

CBS News a few weeks ago that he was essentially considering his own run to jump into the into the 2024 presidential Fray and incited it could happen as as late as this summer he has been openly critical of Donald Trump for some time he is he if he did run he would be in that lane uh the sort of this never Trumper Lane but also just someone who's.

Been openly critical on various uh on various aspects of of the former president so he did run it would be it would be uh they would go probably head to head on a number of different uh issues of course and positions uh on uh for the Republican Party platform as the Republican presidential primary season kicks off uh can we expect more a.

Movement from other politicians who've expressed interest in a 2024 run fence uh Vlad That's a great question because you know the two speaking to the potential rival uh camps they're not campaigns yet but you know a lot of them are positioning themselves they're getting ready I've spoken to a couple potential Republican contenders as well.

And they themselves are sort of maneuvering themselves preparing themselves getting staff into these early States but there's no rush to jump in there's still this sense of waiting for the sanses who has been talked about jumping in later this spring but some as some of you have said they could wait even later you know Trump is a nurse the.

Initial strategy for Trump jumping in so early was to freeze the field you're not really getting that sense across the board but now there's this field that could be very wide uh is sort of waiting for the Florida governor to jump in and that now has become the line for for a lot of these potential Rivals uh to start their own campaigns in in a.

Devising way to do that but as you saw this past weekend with Trump going after the scientists uh he he likely sees his biggest threat it really is this is the sense of the start of a new season now uh and it really starting this 2020 24 presidential cycle at least on the Republican side all right Finn Gomez thank you very much.

My friend thank you guys

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