‘Tranq’ users talk about skin-eating drug that would possibly doubtless lead to amputation


Never hurts right I never heard a drink or anything man until I came here alarm bells are sounding in Philadelphia about tranq you'd see people kind of like walking around looking like animals when their Knuckles are touching the ground now art L Malik's hands and Knuckles are swollen to three times their natural size from exposure to the.

Animal sedative xylazine street name tranq when I was leaving cemented samples and that's what got me stuck man you had samples are pretty dope the xylazine now mixed into 90 percent of Philadelphia's Fentanyl and heroin Supply drugs that drive fatal overdoses adding a horse tranquilizer something more sedating makes it feel.

Like it lasts longer but now fentanyl addicts newly addicted to xylazine seen nodding out and falling over along Philadelphia's notorious Kensington Avenue are also developing dangerous sores on their bodies next thing you know you wake up with these biggest holes all over you these sores in your legs and go.

Wherever they just pop out of the anywhere have the doctors told you that you could lose your leg yes and that's not enough to get you to stop trying it's not it's a lot easier said than done art L Malik knows infection could precede amputation yeah I mean there's a possibility it's a possibility a lot of my friends have lost formula I'm sorry.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with tranq can be brutal I tried like cold turkey man I had a seizure and everything you have problems on your legs I did man I had like a hole in my I had to hold my attention I could literally put two fingers in there we noticed one young man in a wheelchair missing his left foot.

Of federal law enforcement source told Pix 11 News vials of xylacine have already been found in New York City stash houses that produce drugs and it's spreading to other states last I heard it's probably at least 36 or so um it's spreading pretty rapidly even though the animal tranquilizer xylazine is causing some.

People to lose their limbs here in Philadelphia it is not listed as a controlled substance in the United States The Drug Enforcement Administration does not regulate it a non-regulated supply there's going to be anything and everything prevention Point Philadelphia has nurses helping with wound care nutrition and.

Clean needle supplies but the drug dealers abound on Kensington Avenue Ralph Dixon a lifelong Philadelphia resident told us he's never seen anything like what's happened with tranq they have no place for all these people that stuff is like eating this their special way with probably two two potent for a human being that will be taken.

Anyhow the drug dealers why are they cutting the drugs with that stuff is I'm Mary Murphy Pix 11 News

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