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Four Americans traveled to Mexicoand ended up in a deadly shootout. Here's what we know about Zindel Brown, Eric Williams and cousins ShaheedWoodard and Latvia McGee. Friday, March 3rd, the four Americans enterMadam Morriss, Mexico from Brownsville, Texas in a white Chrysler Pacifica minivanwith North Carolina license plates, friends and relatives said the group wastraveling from McGee to have cosmetic surgery at a clinic in Mexico.The van is hit by another vehicle. A gunman opens fire on the Americans. Video circulates online showing armedmen pulling people from the group into a.

Truck. Sunday, March 5th, the FBI offers a $50,000 rewardfor information about the apparent kidnapping. Monday, March 6th, the White House Press secretaryaddressed the kidnapping. These sorts of attacks are unacceptable. Our thoughts are with thefamilies of these individuals, and we stand ready to provide allappropriate consular assistance. US law enforcement is in touchwith Mexican law enforcement. The departments of state and homelandsecurity are also coordinating with.

Mexican authorities, and wewill continue to coordinate, uh, with Mexico and push them f uh, tobring those responsible to justice. During a briefing with reporters, Mexico's president said they believedthe Americans came to Mexico to buy medicine when there was a confrontationbetween groups and they were detained. Tuesday, March 7th, Mexican officialsannounced the Americans have been found. Zindel Brown and ShaheedWoodard have been killed, and Eric Williams was injured. A convoyreturns the two survivors to the us. One woman who lived in Mexico wasalso killed in the gunfire. Thursday,.

March 9th reports emerged that a cartelhanded over five people to Mexican police saying they wereresponsible for the attack. A law enforcement source provided aletter in which the cartel offered an apology, claiming the people responsible forthe attack had gone against its rules.

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