Third ‘unidentified object’ shot down over North The united states


hello everyone I'm Alicia cunha along with Joey Jones Tommy lahren and Joe Concha and welcome to the big Saturday show the big story tonight is a Fox News Alert another object spotted by NORAD over Canada and Lucas Tomlinson is live at the White House with what we know hi Lucas hi Alicia that's right NORAD.

Putting out a statement just moments ago saying another mysterious high altitude object has been discovered on radar this time flying high over Canada it's not clear when or where this was first picked up NORAD saying in a statement quote military aircraft are currently operating from Alaska and Canada in.

Support of North American Aerospace Defense command and NORAD activities NORAD confirms that we have positively identified a high altitude Airborne object over Northern Canada NORAD refused to offer any more specifics this is the second object detected in the Arctic since Thursday night a senior U.S official tells Fox that object was not.

Detected until it had already successfully penetrated U.S airspace over Alaska and then shot down by an F-22 rafter launched from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage right now U.S army Chinook helicopters like this on skis are combing the area off the rugged North coast of Alaska the temperature right now on that frozen tundra minus 20.

Degrees NORAD says The Limited daylight and rough weather is limiting the search now that object was shot down over prudo Bay Home of North America's largest oil field of course Alaska also home to a U.S army unit and Air Force Base and also Fort Greeley home of U.S ballistic missile interceptors guys okay so Lucas um a quick question here.

Uh we've had two objects and one spycraft confirmed spycraft why are we having trouble picking these objects up on radar bottom line officials tell me Alicia that satellites are having trouble picking new sub remember our Airborne satellites and space are used to discover uh ballistic missile launches.

Like out of North Korea other places you know when things go boom those are IR Birds floating in space they have lots of things you know in their memory banks right now balloons is just not what these satellites are programmed to discover the satellites are used to count you know aircraft airplanes on different bases and over Russia China.

You know missile silos and China and of course over Ukraine right now these uh you know spy objects they appear to be only be discovered based on ground-based radar which of course the curvature of the Earth is going to limited what that radar can see Elysium Lucas Tomlinson live at the White House with the latest update thank you so much Lucas so we're.

Going to continue to discuss this here Joey I'll begin with you because um here we go again yeah you know I had a great idea of what I thought was happening here and then something happens and it really changes your mind or it makes you question and it makes me wonder is that where Joe Biden is right now does he think he hasn't figure it.

Out and then something else happens my question is or my concern is when the Spy balloon was outed by Billings Gazette or whatever it was they act like they knew exactly what they had there so either they were bluffing and as that bluff is unfolded to not be true mainly because we now know thanks to a hearing that's already happened that they.

Weren't able to jam the signals of that balloon which makes it traversing across our country much more of a concern so either they're worried to give any detail until they figure it out or they know more about these these latest two incidences and they actually are more concerning and that's not why they're telling us right and Tommy Joey brings.

Up a great point there because right now we're not getting that much out of the bite Administration right and the question really is you know are they trying to protect us from something that they know or they really do they really not know or do they have to say something every time they see something now and maybe they've seen a lot of.

Things but now because they were outed by the Billings Gazette as you mentioned Joey with that spy balloon now I feel like they feel like they have to say something every time they see something because Americans are on high alert which opens up the question of how many other objects have flown through our airspace and have been concerning that.

We don't know about that would be my first question here and then also are we going to get transparency out of this white house because as you mentioned they're burying the lead when it comes to a lot of this they're kind of just skimming over it the American people care about this kind of thing we care about whether it's Chinese aggression or.

Anybody else I mean open it up the world is looking at us right now like a Sitting Duck so I want to know are we ever going to get information will there ever be transparency there's a lot of distrust of our government organizations and rightfully so I hope they can correct that let's call the a block the trust segment certainly because we they.

Knew about that first spy plan that's first five alone the minute it was approaching the Alaska Coast we know that because now they've spotted two and told us about it to your point right away and John Kirby did not even announced that they saw that second object that we were talking about yesterday until a reporter asked him and.

So you have to ask why right why did it take a question for Kirby to reveal that information when he should have been saying that the minute he walked up to that Podium and then you have the president United States and I'll leave it here saying that the Spy balloon despite traversing across our country going over ICBM sites and and over.

Hearing conversations that it could surveil the president had the audacity to say it wasn't a major breach apparently it was Alicia and to excuse it with a with a term like oh there's all kinds of oh it happens all the time right no yeah okay so we're just getting an update now on this new um this Airborne object we.

Are getting reports that Canada has now shot this down so that's the latest and that's interesting timing how quickly we got that right Joey like we find out about it the Nord finds it and then Canada shoots it down well my comment before the show was is Canada do they have capabilities because NORAD sell them it seems like everything that comes.

Through comes around Canada we're not hearing anything from them obviously now we know they have that capability thank God and where does this go from here now two countries are involved and uh China can't hide behind it if this is their aircraft which I don't know either one of these are the last two they can't hide behind this idea that we are.

Overreacting two or three or five times right because that's the easy argument right that we're overreacting but but is it is an American just sitting at home and you're seeing these and they keep coming up one by one what's the average American supposed to think about all this the average American feels very vulnerable with this president in the.

White House whether they're willing to admit it or not but you brought up something that I think is really really important topic for discussion technician here back in the Green Room you said Hey listen are they flying these lower and making them more visible for a reason and when you said that my immediate thought was yeah they're.

Sending a message we are here we are not scared of you we want to show your citizens what we've got going on and we're not trying to even hide it anymore we're flexing our muscles we're doing it visibly if it is China this is a big Flex you got three in a week big Flex by China okay so it's going to be billions of dollars back to the Super Bowl.

Tomorrow by the way I will bet right now that these are coming from China the ones we don't know about that's way too much of a coincidence yeah it is symbolism talking to President Biden and vice versa so and we also have we want everyone to take a listen here watch this this is John Kirby in general Pat Ryder.

Um for the bite Administration says that they don't know a lot about the object that the military took down the one over Alaska we do not know who owns it we have no further details about the object at this time including any description of its capabilities purpose or origin I want to stress again we don't know.

What entity owns this object again we don't know the point of origin of this object we don't really understand what this object was doing okay and we do have an update here it is from what we're being told that it was actually Canada and the U.S that shot down this latest high altitude object but Joey just coming off of all of those.

Very intelligent people saying that they don't know I don't I don't know that I believe anything they're saying right now not to call them a liar that's not the point here operational security is an important thing and so maybe they aren't being told so they can say they don't know but I don't know who does know and.

I don't know what our government does know all I know is that the southern border is is 800 percent more Chinese Nationals come across the southern border all right I know what littoral is which is what our military our Marine Corps pivoting to because we have an underwater threat basically the same thing can happen underwater we're having.

To worry about land mines off the coast California right now because that's how close our enemies are getting to us so when we talk about the average American at home which is really all that matters in this conversation can you trust our military and our government to make good decisions they have the capabilities to protect us we know that can you trust.

Them to use them and use them in a diplomatic way that prevents something terrible from happening that's what the American people are concerned about so and just to clarify here and this is all breaking news folks just so everybody understands this we're having this conversation here we're getting in more information and I just to clarify in the.

Control room is it our understanding that it was in fact just the United States military that took this down okay that's a yes so this was not um Canadian military that was involved here it was the United States that did that but that they were the Canadians were in fact involved in this operation yeah.

They said go ahead and fly over our airspace and shoot it down to think they were going to do a joint exercise with the Canadians wouldn't make a heck of a lot of sense what I want to know is since you bought it up Joey as far as like who knows what I would believe the commander-in-chief probably has been briefed on this and he's not in Delaware.

Like he spent what something like 210 days in Delaware there's this is the rare weekend where he is at the White House hosting a Black Tie dinner will we hear from the president again throw out a little more money uh no probably not well Joe the problem with that statement is traditionally I would agree with you of course commander-in-chief would know.

This week we were told that there were I don't I don't know what the number is 5 to 50. I've heard different numbers all week of these incidents that reportedly according to the Obama Administration happened in the Trump Administration but someone in the military chain of command decided it was not worth briefing president Trump over we interviewed uh I.

Can't think of his name right now but an action Secretary of Defense on Fox and Friends this morning he had the exact same reaction he heard that which was to call everyone else in the cabinet who all said we don't remember that happening right like Mark so are there people in military that are making decisions that jeopardize our national.

Security because they've been told this doesn't go to the highest level you know do we know that the the commander-in-chief is fully briefed at all times what we're learning now is perhaps Trump wasn't yeah it's a break of the chain of command well it is and how quickly they tried to make it about Trump they were able to really make that.

Chinese Bible and at least initially didn't go as they had planned there's ones that went over during the Trump administration too and so they really tried to pull that card but furthermore I want to talk to you guys about geographically what this says this placement of these balloons the Chinese by balloon now these unidentified.

Objects geographically over Canada over Alaska and where they're pinpointing and what they're looking at Joy what are they looking at because you know better than any of us and is it something that we should be concerned about I don't think that they're just looking over the Super Bowl because they wanted you know good seats they're looking over here.

It's a dome anyway but thanks to my friend Pete hexath and his Maps this morning the the trajectory of the Chinese Bible in was Southern Alaska the trajectory of the one we shot down was Northern Alaska Alaska is a very big state that's actually a lot of land in between the so the actual path of each is very different which is why I won't.

Just say without any type of confirmation that I'm know they were from China because Russia is right there and it's supposedly smaller different in size and scope and and capabilities flying lower for all intents and purposes the vehicle or object is much different than what we shot down from China and so what do we do if we're in a.

Position where we have two foes testing our might and our ability to control our own airspace then then what do we do because as much as we're watching they are definitely watching absolutely we will continue to cover it and bring you any more developments as they float in hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and.

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