These are the contradictions cover in preliminary police chronicle on Tyre Nichols arrest


City employees have faced consequences in the wake of Nichols killing. Of the latest, two EMTs and a fire department lieutenant have now been fired. So that's three in the fire department and a seventh Memphis officer has been relieved of duty. Last week,.

Five of those seven officers were charged with second degree murder and assault for Nichols death. CNN's Ryan Young has the latest from Memphis. Also here, CNN chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst John Miller.

Ryan, first, the discrepancies between the video and this initial report. Talk to us about them. Yeah, something that we're still digging into. And of course, you guys can ask John about this later. But I've been talking to Memphis.

Police Department officers today, and they've been telling me that when you file an initial police report, you also include a use of force, part of the report as well. So if you had to escalate maybe go hands on or use some type of force,.

You usually include that in the police report. But these discrepancies kind of stand out to us as we've watched this video over and over. We'll take you through some of them. It says Nichols was an aggravated assault suspect.

So that stood out to us as well. And then he said it was he was sweating profusely and irate upon exiting the vehicle. As we watch that video, you saw the officers actually approached that car with a lot of force. And then it says Nichols grabbed.

For Detective Martin's gun. And then Martin listed as a victim. In this case, of course, we don't see that initial pool for any officer's weapon. And then says Nichols pulled on an officer's duty belt. And there is no mention of the kicking or punching of him.

And again, after talking to an officer who's worked in this police department for quite some time, he said that would be listed in that incident. Report at some time. Of course, not only have we called to see the full report.

That was initially put in. We also have asked for that seventh officer name. It hasn't been released just yet. So there's still a lot of questions surrounding this initial report that has come out. Okay. So, John, are discrepancies.

Like this in police reports common? Well, there's nothing common about this incident. Because the report is does not reflect what happened. So it's more than discrepancies. But, Alisyn, it seems.

As if they have built into the narrative a series of justifications. And it's interesting that you hear them mouth some of those at the end of the beating on tape as if they're building a story that that goes somewhere other than we dragged.

The guy out of a car and started beating him and didn't stop until he was in a in a fatal car. But he grabbed the gun. I think he grabbed the gun. I think he grabbed like it starts to take on a life of its own.

Even more than that. Because when you heard them talking and that scene we just played, one of them says, you know, I said, hey, brother. And you know, he came out of the car and bam. Now we've all seen that first video right there screaming at him.

Before he's ever out of the car and he's saying, what did I do? What did I do? I'm getting on the ground. Okay. Okay. So they're they're constructing they're constructing a false narrative that is false from the beginning, not just the elements they add at the end, but they all.

They also know that they're being recorded, that there's a body cam, that both is picking up the story, but also has the incident that doesn't reconcile with what they're explaining. Great question. But it cuts both ways. They know that the body camera.

Is going to be blocked. There's all kinds of chaos and confusion, not everything is going to be recorded. So you can see it plainly. So they are building that narrative while they are still recording because they know they're still recording. So they're trying to say.

When you look at this tape, here's the parts you might have missed. Here's something that they didn't account for, the pull camera, which captured it all. Clearly, there's something else here in the report. They say.

A lieutenant and they name him and give his his shield number made the scene indicating he was there. This is the first time we have ever heard about a supervisor to ranks up having been present. So there's going to be a real question.

About, okay, this lieutenant got there when and was there for what part of this. Brian, we know his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. So what do we know about that? Yeah, we do know that tomorrow Breonna Taylor's mother will be here. George Floyd's brother will be here.

We just learned the vice president will be here at the funeral tomorrow. Put all this together with a news conference that's supposed to happen just in the next few hours. So much still happening here.

And obviously with this investigation. People asking questions about that initial incident report and just how many times this Scorpion unit was involved in incidents that haven't been reported or gone this far. Okay.

Ryan Young, John Miller, thank you both very much. Joining us now, Patrice Robinson, a member of the Memphis City Council. Councilwoman, thank you for your time. I want to pick up where that conversation left off. We know now that there were.

There are two additional officers who have been relieved of duty. We know one of them. His name was released. The other was not of this Preston Hemphill, the sixth officer. He was recorded saying, I hope they stomp his ass. He's not been fired.

Can any of the officers stay on board with the Memphis Police Department, any of the officers who were involved in this this incident I do believe that we're going to be as transparent as possible. And I know that we're going to be fair.

As possible. But I don't see anybody on that street at the time. Should work for the police department. Now, I may be wrong. The law might say something differently. But if they were there and they didn't intervene, they're all in the same boat together.

Hmm. Yeah. The question is, can trust be restored if that Officer Hempel shows up on a scene and local people know that he's the person who said, I hope they stop his ass. What degree of trust and confidence will they have that they will be.

Taken care of within the bounds of the law? Do you have a concern about the lack of disclosure of these additional officers being relieved of duty? Not on the first day when it happened, but several weeks later. I have a concern.

Starting from the beginning of what we saw on the video. And you have made it very clear, I heard in your last segment that when they approached him in his car, they just snatched him out. We have no idea. Nobody knows why he was that. They said it was a trap violation.

We don't know that for sure either. Yes, I am concerned. I'm concerned that all the information did not come at the same time. But I know the community have been pressuring the police department to issue everything they can and know.

That they're doing investigations. We want to make sure that we were as transparent as possible and we made sure that we were getting information that two individuals as it I mean, as soon as we could get it out of the office.

Now, we knew everybody that looked at the video, knew the other people were involved we didn't know how they were going to be addressed. But now we are seeing that they are being addressed. And my concern at this point is what are we going to do.

And what will the law say that we need to do moving forward? And how will the D.A. plug in at this point? So, obviously, there's a question of culture there, not only within this now disbanded Scorpion unit, but these officers.

Were wearing body cameras. They were in a neighborhood there could have been cell phone cameras. The pole camera was there. And that didn't deter or discourage any of the action that we saw. On the question of culture, is Chief Davis.

The right person to continue to lead this department as it tries to shift to obviously a different culture I believe she is the right person to help them shift to a different culture, because you can't take people that are already in the culture.

And utilize them to change the culture that they're used to. It really doesn't make a lot of sense, but we don't have a lot of bad players but we know we do have something and we don't have as many as.

The public probably thinks. And my heart goes out not just to their family, but to the families of all the officers, knowing that their fathers, their brothers, their that their own people are there each and every day working. And they want to see their fathers.

At the end of the day or their husbands at the end of the day or their brothers at the end of the day. And I do believe that Chief Davis has moved us in the right direction. And there was nothing she could have done to have stopped what happened on that day.

It was tragic. Those men make very poor decisions from the beginning of the video that I saw all the way to the end. All right. Memphis City Councilwoman Patrice Robinson, thank you so much for your time. Thank you.

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