The USA’s homeless disaster has gone from unfriendly to worse: Lawrence Jones


So the homeless crisis in our country has gone from bad to worse and hundreds of towns and cities hundreds of thousands of people are without a roof under their head this week cross country hit the ground in San Diego where a short-term Band-Aid to have failed the city and they're in desperate need of a solution but there may be a.

Groundbreaking answer watch the homeless crisis in America is out of control the latest numbers from our federal government estimates nearly 600 000 individuals experience homelessness in the U.S On Any Given night and nowhere is this crisis more apparent than in California the feds estimate California has nearly a third of the.

Nation's homeless individuals one sparkling cities like San Diego confronted by tents and needles and trash Michael branch is a former Navy SEAL who operates the East County Transitional Living Center an area shelter currently housing some 600 homeless and transitioning them back into employment and independent living.

People on the street there's open beds you're waiting to be able to help what what prevents them from coming here so one of the things I believe that prevents people is that this is a program that requires people to help themselves we decided to hit the streets to see the problem firsthand and what's being compared to a new Skid Row here in.

San Diego you know one thing I always notice when I come out here is that you see the problem and you see all these services that are that are offered out here right and so so there's a choice right here so what is it going to take to get folks treatment yeah off the street well in my personal opinion.

Sometimes consequence drives Behavior change so if there is no consequence a lot of times folks aren't motivated enough to change but a lot of times if you end up in jail or prison or homeless you you would think would be one of the things that would drive someone to get some help but essentially there's no you know the.

Carrot in the stick it seems like there's more carrot and not enough stick and with shelters across the country overflowing and so far empty promises from the White House to reduce homelessness by 25 percent in the next two years there's at least one group proposing a new real world fix to this big picture problem it's called sunbreak.

Ranch and its creators want to give San Diego homeless temporary shelter as well as provide Social Services for mental health drug rehabilitation and vocational training in hopes of getting people off the street for good George Molin and Brian Caster brought us to the ranch to explain gentlemen tell me where are we right here here.

Is all memory land as far as you can see federal land and uh basically unused and but we have a use for it and what is that use well ultimately we want to develop a location solution to help our homeless brothers and sisters a place where all the homeless in San Diego city and county can come to where we can help them turn around their.

Lives it's meant to be a transition place a triage if you will to get them back into independent living there will be food kitchen there'll be a mess hall there'll be Women's Center there'll be storage facility there'll be a dog pound you'd be gardening it'd be all the things that are needed but the whole idea here is to centralize the homeless.

So all the providers are there to help them get out of here to where they need to be but in order to get the ranch up and running and serving this community George and Brian are calling on the federal government for support we need them to say hey we're President Biden say we're going to lease you 2 000 Acres of that unused spectacular land.

As a federal homeless emergency Zone and what we want to do is we want to get several big philanthropists a big foundation to say we're going to put up 275 million for a three-year beta test to do this in San Diego and if it works then the federal government agrees that they start picking up the Sunbury Branch concept outside of every city so you've.

Heard what the folks at sunbreak Ranch need we reached out to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development to get a response to their proposal we didn't hear back but you can learn more about the sun breaks effort at hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News.

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